Placing a Candidate . . . 12 Years Later

Maria Hemminger of MJ Recruiters, LLC and Pat McCombs, CPC of KB Search Team, LLC are tremendously successful recruiters and Top Echelon Network members. However, they had never made a split placement together until just recently.

And the split they made illustrates perfectly what makes them model Network members.

As you can see by the comments below, Pat submitted a candidate to MJ Recruiters back in 2007. Fast-forward 12 years. Members of MJ Recruiters found the candidate while searching through their Big Biller recruiting software database. As it turns out, the candidate was a perfect fit for one of their clients’ open job orders.

Did Maria simply place the candidate and not tell Pat that she did so, thereby collecting the entire fee for herself? Of course not! She honored the candidate referral, even though Pat had referred the candidate 12 years earlier.

Would every recruiter do that? Sadly, probably not.

But recruiters in Top Echelon Network DO, and that’s why they’re in our split network. Because they’re high-quality, ethical recruiters who do the right thing.

Maria has made 147 placements in Top Echelon’s recruiting network. Her cash-in total within the Network is $1.1 million.

Pat has made 114 placements in Top Echelon Network. Her cash-in total within the Network is $930K.

Both of these recruiters exemplify The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network. Those Pillars are Quality, Communication, Trust, and Active Participation.

They do the right thing, they act with integrity, and they represent themselves, their agencies, and the Network in the best way possible.

Congratulations to Maria and Pat on making this great split placement!

— — —

Pat McCombs, CPC of KB Search Team, LLC

Pat McCombs, CPC

Maria Hemminger of MJ Recruiters, LLC

Maria Hemminger

“We found [the candidate] working searches in our Big Biller database. He was actually presented by Pat and her team to MJ Recruiters in 2007. You never know when you are going to place someone from your database, and we are always happy to add strong candidates to our database from our trading partners. Thank you to KB Search Team for reviewing our positions.”

Submitted by Maria Hemminger of MJ Recruiters, LLC regarding her Network split placement with Pat McCombs, CPC of KB Search Team, LLC


Fee Percentage—25%

(Editor’s note: This is the first Network split placement that Maria and Pat have made together in Top Echelon.)

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