Pat McCombs Makes Her 100th Network Placement!

There are a lot of recruiters making a lot of money in Top Echelon. However, there are only certain Network members who could be classified as “TE Rockstars.” Pat McCombs, CPC of KB Search Team, LLC is most definitely a “TE Rockstar.”

There are quite a few reasons for this, but here’s the latest one:

Pat McCombs recently made her 100th placement as a member of Top Echelon Network!

All of Pat’s stats are impressive, starting with these:

  • She has almost 35 years of experience in the recruiting profession.
  • She made her first placement in Top Echelon Network on June 14, 1996, which was a little over 20 years ago.
  • Her cash-in total as a Network member is now over $800K.

Pat McCombs: 3 factors for success

However, we wanted to go straight to the source to find out why Pat has been so successful in the Network. That source? Pat, of course!

According to Pat, there have been three main factors for her success as a member of our elite network of recruiters. She outlines them below:

— — —

“One of my professional goals in 2016 was to make my 100th placement in Top Echelon Network. I am thrilled that I met that goal!

“Outstanding trading partners in the Network who continue to be extremely responsive to my requests for assistance have been a major factor in reaching this goal.

“The second key factor has been receiving awesome candidates who have responded to my postings on the websites and other sites of my TEN trading partners.

“The third key factor has been having the opportunity to attend so many TEN conferences, where I met future trading partners and received outstanding training from both industry trainers and trading partners.

“Thank you to all associated with the Network who helped me reach this milestone in my recruiting career!”

— — —

Pat McCombs is a true “TE Rockstar.” She embodies everything that a model Top Echelon Network member should be.

We are pleased to congratulate her on reaching the 100-placement milestone!

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