New Network Training Videos Now Available for Preferred Members

Todd BosslerWe’re pleased to announce that we now have new training videos for Preferred Members of the Top Echelon Network recruiters database.  These videos have been designed and created to help Members be more successful within the Network, and you can find them in The Pinnacle blog.

The first two training videos are available.  They’re listed below, along with a description and a link to the blog post that contains the video.

“How to Add a Split Candidate to the Top Echelon Network Database”In this demonstration, we review how to add a split candidate to the Network.  Click here to watch this training video.

“How to Create an Automated Search Alert in Top Echelon Network”There are basically two types of automated search alerts that can be scheduled through the Network—ones that notify you of new split job orders that are posted and ones that notify you of new split candidates that are added.  Each type of alert allows you to set up a special search that will automatically run in the background, and any time a job order or candidate is submitted to the Network that matches your search criteria, you will be automatically notified of the match.  Click here to watch this training video.

Please be aware that additional training videos will be added to The Pinnacle blog on a consistent basis, so be sure to check the blog regularly.  The individual posts will not be included in The Pinnacle newsletter email, but you’ll receive notification that the videos have been posted—after the fact—in a newsletter article such as this one.

However, if you’re currently using Version 2.0 of the Top Echelon Network software, you can view the latest posts to The Pinnacle blog in the Members’ Area.  If you would like to start using Version 2.0, just click that option when you login to the Network.  (The default setting is Version 1.0.)

If you have any questions about these training videos, please give us a call at (330) 455-1433.

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