New Member in Top Echelon Makes $41K Split

German Armenta and AB Recruiting & Staffing, LLC joined Top Echelon’s recruiter network on July 31, 2018. That means he and his agency will be celebrating their one-year anniversary in TE next month. Not only that, but as a new member, German also made his first Network split recently.

And his first network split totaled $41K and is the Largest Split Fee of the Month for May!

New member money, money, money!

Of course, German did not make the placement alone. His trading partner was MaryAnn Genovese of the Edgecumbe Group. MaryAnn is no stranger to earning large recruiting fees. She’s made four split placements as a member and the fees associated with those placements were $41K, $64K, $26K, and $21K.

So as you can see, German received a huge return on his Top Echelon Network investment. And he didn’t even have to wait a full year.

His agency has paid less than $1,500 in Network dues. However, his portion of this placement was nearly $20,000. (You didn’t forget about the Top Echelon Network brokerage fee, did you? Tsk-tsk.)

Anyway, this illustrates how all you need to do is make at least one TE placement per year to earn a tremendous return on your Network investment. And the placement doesn’t even have to be $41K. A placement fee half that size would still result in a huge return.

Low overhead. Huge returns. Leveraging your resources—and the resources of other recruiting agencies—to make more placements. That’s what Top Echelon Network membership is all about.

If you want to make more placements in Top Echelon Network, contact Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS. You can do so by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to

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Largest Split Fee — May 2019

German Armenta of AB Recruiting and Staffing, LLC

German Armenta

MaryAnn Genovese of Edgecumbe Group

MaryAnn Genovese

German Armenta of AB Recruiting & Staffing, LLC and MaryAnn Genovese of the Edgecumbe Group

The position for this split placement was a HR Manager. German was the job order recruiter and MaryAnn was the candidate recruiter.

The action that stimulated this split placement was listed as “Network Jobs Feed.”

The fee for this split placement was $41,000.

— — —

“The power of the Network. The submission and subsequent interview happened in September. Great partnership and follow-through with all parties resulted in a placement at a higher level, resulting in a larger commission. The power of the Network!”

Submitted by MaryAnn Genovese of the Edgecumbe Group regarding her Network split placement with German Armenta of AB Recruiting & Staffing, LLC

Position Title—HR MANAGER

Fee Percentage—20%

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Top Echelon determines the monthly and quarterly winners of its Network split fee recruiting awards in four distinct categories:

1.) Recruiter of the Month
2.) Largest Split Fee of the Month
3.) Recruiter of the Quarter
4.) Largest Split Fee of the Quarter

We only announce the winners of these awards in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog. We do so usually (but not always) in the issue following the conclusion of each month and/or quarter.

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