Submit Your Network Referrals and Reap the Benefits

It is that time of year where we strive to grow Top Echelon’s recruiting network. The stronger the Network is, the better it is for you and your fellow split recruiting partners.

With the number of jobs in the Network Candidates database growing daily, we could use all the best recruiters out there to make TE stronger than ever.

With that in mind, we would love for you to send us a referral of somebody you know whose business model is a fit for our Network, just as yours is.

For each referral you send that becomes a Network Member, you will essentially receive a free month of Membership once that referral becomes active. You want details? Well, we have them.

The more Network referrals, the better!

After all, Network referrals are like potato chips. Why stop at just one? The information below explains why you should NOT stop at just one:

  • There’s no limit to the number of referrals that you can submit. For instance, let’s say you submit 12 referrals that become Members. Then essentially your Membership dues for one year will be paid.
  • If you’re the main contact for your agency, we will credit your agency’s account $130. On the other hand, if you’re NOT the main contact for your agency, then we will credit the account of the Network agency for which you work $130.
  • When we say a “free month of Membership,” that does not include the brokerage fee. If you refer somebody and you make a split placement during the same month that we credit your agency’s account $130, your agency still owes a brokerage fee for that split. (You can’t avoid paying the brokerage fee. Ever.)

You can send your referral information to OR you can use our Contact Us page to submit your Network referral:

Click HERE to submit your referrals!

Don’t wait and don’t delay. Start sending your Network referrals so YOU can reap the benefits!

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