Michael Agen: 100 Network Splits in 5 Years

Perhaps no recruiter has enjoyed as much success in Top Echelon Network as quickly as Michael Agen of New Solutions Group.

Michael, who was Recruiter of the Week in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog in April of 2019, joined the Network in October of 2016. Despite only being a Network member for a little over five years, Michael recently made his 100th split in Top Echelon!

In 2021, Michael finished just outside the Top 10 Producers in the Network for the calendar year, billing a career high through TE. So far during his Network tenure, he has billed more than $650K.

Michael Agen of New Solutions Group, LLC

Michael Agen

Michael is an executive recruiter with more than 35 years of Healthcare sales and operations management experience. He has put that experience to work building a successful recruiting career. Top Echelon Network has been a factor in his success during the past five years, helping him to fill his clients’ open job orders with top-notch candidates.

“As an agency, and as a recruiter with 20+ years in Healthcare recruiting, my sweet spot is customer acquisition and retention,” said Michael. “Joining TE has allowed me to be an importer of candidates and has worked out very well. I am 100% in [as a Top Echelon member]”

According to Michael, the Network has become even more valuable during the past couple of years. The economic rebound from COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns has resulted in a hiring surge across nearly all industries. Paired with The Great Resignation, this has created a situation in which job openings are plentiful but qualified candidates are not.

“I am grateful to all my TE partners who have continued to address all my open positions, no matter how difficult they are,” said Michael. “I work exclusively Healthcare, and the past two years have been challenging. Despite that, we have had tremendous success.”

Michael had been working as an executive recruiter for 15 years before joining Top Echelon Network in 2016. Since the beginning of his membership, he has recognized the value of split placements and how they can generate additional revenue for his agency.

“I can say that as an organization, [Top Echelon is] top notch . . . I have been in business for 20 years and have well-established clients, so I am primarily an importer of candidates.

“Having access to TE partners who are willing to source quality candidates for my jobs has significantly increased my activity and placements. It’s pretty simple math: 47% of three placements is better than 100% of one.”

Congratulations to Michael Agen for reaching the milestone of 100 split placements in Top Echelon Network!

(Editor’s note: If you recently reached a Network milestone in Top Echelon, we’d like to hear about it! Send an email to marketing@topechelon.com.)

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