Poll: Mentioning Top Echelon Network

Membership in Top Echelon Network brings with it numerous advantages and benefits. This includes when members are marketing their services to both candidates and clients.

As a result, many Network recruiters use their membership to differentiate themselves from their competition within the marketplace. But how many, exactly? As you might expect, we decided to find out with one of our handy-dandy poll questions in the Members’ Area.

The question that we posed was as follows:

How often do you mention Top Echelon Network to candidates and clients?


The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of Network recruiters that selected each one:

  • Every chance I get — 26.5%
  • About half the time — 36.7%
  • Rarely — 27.6%
  • I don’t mention TE at all. — 9.2%


We’ll start with the good news. Over a quarter of recruiters participating in the poll (26.5%) mention Top Echelon Network every chance they get. Another 36.7% of respondents mention TE “about half the time.”

Now for the bad news. (You knew there had to be at least some, right?) It takes the form of 27.6% of recruiters saying that they mention Top Echelon “rarely” and another 9.2% that indicated they “don’t mention TE at all.”

And then there’s the good news despite the bad news: over 90% of the recruiters who participated in this poll mention Top Echelon Network to some extent in their dealings with candidates and clients.


The results of this poll aren’t really all that surprising. That’s because recruiters that are members of Top Echelon Network use the Network in different ways. They have different business models, they work within different industries, and they have different preferences and working styles.

However, the fact that over 90% of them mention the Network to some degree reflects the fact that the vast majority of TE recruiters see value in doing so. To them, there’s value not only in being a member, but also in using their membership as leverage to grow their business.

When viewed in that light, it’s easy to see that Top Echelon Network if valuable to recruiters on a number of different levels and that members receive a substantial return on their Network investment.

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