Did You Know . . . That Big Biller Can Do THIS?

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably a Top Echelon Network member. You might also be a user of the Big Biller recruiting software. Even if you aren’t, you might be interested to know what Big Biller can do.

That’s why we’re introducing this “Did You Know?” series of articles in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.

In this series, we’re going to point to out things that, well, you might not know. (Makes sense, does it not.) Accompanying each nugget of information will be a link to a Help Center article and/or video that explains the feature in more detail.

The first three features in our “Did You Know?” are listed below:

— — —

Did You Know . . . About Customized Activity Types?

Did you know that you can mold Big Biller to work the way YOU work?

Customized activity types are an easy way for your firm to personalize the way you log and track what happens in in your database. The main user can create an activity for each step in your recruiting process, from first call to placement and everything in between. The best part: you can set these up to match your agency’s lingo and workflow.

Click HERE for a Help Center article about customized activity types and how they can help your firm!

— — —

Did You Know . . . About the Power of BBNOTE?

Did you know that you can create a new record in Big Biller and capture the content of an email at the same time?

When using the email parser, make sure that BBNOTE is in the subject line of the email. This move “kills two birds with one stone,” so to speak, allowing you to add the content of the email to the notes of the record that you just created.

Click HERE for a Help Center article that illustrates the power of using BBNOTE in Big Biller.

— — —

Did You Know . . . About Storing Social Media Profiles?

Do your candidates keep their LinkedIn profiles more up-to-date than their resumes?

Big Biller can assist you in finding a candidate (or client) on the major social media networks. Then the software will allow you to store their profile URL on their Resume Data Sheet (RDS) for quick and easy access in the future.

Click HERE for a Help Center article about how to store social media profiles with Big Biller!

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Check future issues of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog for another installment of “Did You Know?”

And if you’re ready to see what the Big Biller recruiter software can do for your agency, then click here to sign up for a live demo!

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