Jordan Rayboy Customizes Sessions for 2014 Convention

By MATT DEUTSCH, Chief Content Officer at Top Echelon

Jordan Rayboy of Rayboy Insider SearchJordan Rayboy of Rayboy Insider Search hasn’t uttered a word yet, but his role as keynote speaker at the upcoming 2014 Top Echelon Network National Convention is already somewhat unique.

That’s because Raybody was open to almost fully customizing his material for the convention, based upon the needs of the Network recruiters.

We sent out an email survey to the Network Membership a couple of months ago, asking recruiters which general recruiting topics interest them the most in terms of training.  Then, we compiled the results and we presented them to Rayboy.

Rayboy used the results of the survey to tailor and customize the sessions he plans to present at the convention.  Did he draw upon some of the material he already had on hand?  Of course, but he also made sure that he focused on the right things and discussed the topics that convention attendees will care about the most.

Rayboy will be presenting four sessions at the National Convention.  Almost all of them were created based upon the feedback that we gave him from our training survey.

Rayboy’s approach isn’t rare, per se—many trainers do solicit feedback in order to present more targeted and effective sessions—but Rayboy made it his first priority and waited until he had received that feedback before suggesting topics and session titles.

As a result, we believe that the sessions Rayboy plans to present at the National Convention will target the challenges that Network recruiters are facing on their desks right now . . . and will help them overcome those challenges and make more placements.

Below are the preliminary descriptions for Rayboy’s scheduled sessions, along with their dates and times:

— — —

Date: Friday, April 11

Time: 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Session Title: “Earn Your MBA (Major Bank Account) in Recruiting”

Description: Join Jordan Rayboy, Board Member and Member Education Chair of The Pinnacle Society, as he gives you the keys to the vault.  From power planning to dominating your niche to leveraging recyclability to developing key accounts and more, Jordan will share specific strategies you can implement immediately back in your office that will set you on your path to “Headhunter Utopia.”  Then, let the cash-in rain!

— — —

Friday, April 11

Time: 11 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

Session Title: “Creating a Sense of Urgency with Your Clients and Candidates”

Description: Are you experiencing a lack of feedback from both clients and candidates?  Is it taking too long for your clients to extend an offer?  In this timely session, Jordan Rayboy will address both issues by showing attendees how to create a sense of urgency during the recruiting and hiring process—with both clients AND candidates.  Because when everybody is acting with a sense of urgency, they’re acting quickly and making things happen!

— — —

Date: Friday, April 11

Time: 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Session Title: “Recruiting the Passive A-Players That Your Clients Want to Hire”

Description: How do you get the best candidates available engaged and “on the hook”?  According to Jordan Rayboy, there’s no candidate you can’t recruit if the opportunity is potentially a fit for them!  In this session, he’ll show attendees in detail how to do this, including which specific lines of questioning to use and what scripted language works best for different situations.  Successfully recruit and place every grade-A candidate you source!

— — —

Saturday, April 12

Time: 11 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

Session Title: “Taking Your Business Mobile and Building Virtual Teams”

Description: In this session geared toward owners (but applicable to all recruiters), Jordan Rayboy will show attendees how to build and manage a virtual team.  Even if you have no plans to “take your business mobile”—as Rayboy did—you’ll still glean valuable information about outsourcing/delegating the roles and responsibilities of specific team members so that your firm increases its production, and ultimately, its billings!

— — —

Early Bird Registration for the National Convention ends on Friday, February 28, so sign up NOW to take advantage of the Early Bird rate of $495 per person.  (In fact, you can do so by clicking on the link below!)

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