Earn $100 Just for Talking About Top Echelon Contracting!

By DEBBIE FLEDDERJOHANN, President of Top Echelon Contracting

Would you like to make an easy $100?  Who wouldn’t?  Top Echelon Contracting’s Recruiter Referral Program allows you to do just that.

When you refer a recruiter to Top Echelon Contracting (TEC) who has never made a contract placement through our back-office, you will receive $20 for each week the contractor works, for up to five weeks.

So for simply telling other recruiters about TEC, you could earn up to $100!

To qualify for the reward:

  • The referred recruiter must provide your name, your firm’s name, phone number, and email address on the Online Set-Up Forms they complete to submit for their first contract placement.  Make sure they have this information and that they remember to enter it on the Set-Up Forms.
  • The placement must be the referred recruiter’s first placement with TEC.
  • It must be a full-time (40 hours per week) position expected to last at least five weeks.
  • It must be a W-2 contract placement.

Once a recruiter you referred makes a placement that meets these criteria, we will then ask you to provide your W-9 information so we can issue your Recruiter Referral Reward check.

For official guidelines and additional information, visit our website by clicking here or call us at 888.627.3678.
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