Jim Strickland Reaches 200 Placements in Top Echelon

“It’s better to ‘co-broke’ than go broke.”

That’s what the wife of Top Echelon Network member Jim Strickland of BioSource Recruiters said to him many years ago, before he joined the Network.

Jim Strickland of BioSource International

Jim Strickland

As it turned out, those words would prove to be instrumental in his success in Top Echelon. In fact, Jim has enjoyed so much success that he recently made his 200th split placement as a member of the Network.

“[What she said was a driving force me to seek out TE when I started recruiting,” said Jim. “And I was grateful for that.”

Jim’s wife’s words of wisdom and his desire to make split placements have served him well over the years.

On October 17, BioSource Recruiters celebrated its 19th year as a member agency in Top Echelon Network. Since that date, Jim has made 201 split placements through the Network, generating more than $1.5 million in recruiting fees in the process.

According to Jim, joining Top Echelon has allowed him to grow his business in ways he would not have been able to had he not become a Network member.

“Best decision I ever made was joining Top Echelon over 19 years ago,” he said. “For me, being a part of the largest recruiting split network in the country allowed me to find key recruiters that wanted to be partners and share in placements and commissions.”

BioSource Recruiters works primarily in the Pharmaceutical industry, but has recently expanded its specializations to include Healthcare, Manufacturing, Accounting, Engineering, Scientific, and Information Technology, among others.

Jim has built and cultivated many long-standing split recruiting relationships in the Network over the years. One of those is with another Top Producer, Maria Hemminger of MJ Recruiters, LLC. Maria also recently reached the 200-placement plateau in Top Echelon.

In fact, Jim and Maria have had one of the most productive trading partner relationships in Top Echelon Network history, combining to make 38 split placements together.

Maria Hemminger of MJ Recruiters, LLC

Maria Hemminger

According to Maria, Jim is a model Top Echelon Network trading partner.

“Jim and I have an excellent partnership,” she said. “He is attentive to MJ Recruiters’ recruitment needs. The key to working with someone who is reposting your jobs is to keep them up to date on the status of the positions. I communicate with Jim on an almost a weekly basis as to what my ‘hot jobs’ are. He is a good, solid partner.”

In many ways, Jim is a model Network trading partner. And it all starts with his philosophy and his attitude toward making split placements, both of which were planted as a mental seed in his brain more than two decades ago.

“I can’t say enough good things about the TE staff and how they enabled me to create a successful recruiting business that I can operate from home or from anywhere,” said Jim. “I plan on sticking around as long as I can.”

From everybody at Top Echelon, congratulations to Jim Strickland for making 200 placements as a member of Top Echelon Network!

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