In the Top Echelon Network Spotlight: Nick Stoia

You would be hard pressed to find a recruiter as accomplished as Nick Stoia, CPC of ASAP Search, both inside and outside of Top Echelon’s recruiting network.

Let’s start with the fact that Nick, who specializes in Manufacturing, started in the recruiting profession in 1979. Then let’s add that he became a member of Top Echelon Network in 2004, which means in addition to being in the profession for 45 years, he’s also been a Network member for 20 years.

Nick has been quite prolific within Top Echelon during those two decades. Specifically, he’s made 128 split placements and those splits have generated a cash-in total of $1,065,095. This, of course, makes Nick part of Top Echelon’s exclusive 100 Placement Club and its equally exclusive $1 Million Club.

Nick Stoia, CPC of ASAP Search & Recruiters

Nick Stoia, CPC

Since this is the quarterly issue of The Pinnacle and Nick recently surpassed these milestones, we thought this would be a good time to feature him in the newsletter. Not only that, but Nick is currently ranked ninth in the Network in terms of cash-in during the past 12 months. He finalized 12 splits in TE in 2023.

And during a time when some recruiters are struggling due to uncertainty in the economy and other factors, Nick has already finalized four splits in the Network this year. Those four splits have brought him a cash-in total of $110,600.

Nick Stoia clearly understands the value that Top Echelon Network provides, he’s been leveraging that value to benefit his recruiting business for 20 years, and he continues to leverage it.

According to Nick, below are four big takeaways that have been instrumental to his success as a member of Top Echelon Network:

#1—More Resources for Expanded Reach

According to Stoia, membership in the Network has allowed his firm to generate business in ways it would not have been able to otherwise. This includes in his dealings with candidates, clients, and prospects.

“Candidates sourced from the Network have been placed on numerous occasions, and we can often represent them to more than one opportunity,” said Nick. “We’ve also been able to meet the needs of our clients on numerous occasions, and this increases the odds of acquiring new and continued business with them. Also, saying that we’re part of a formal national network is helpful in prospecting for new clients.”

#2—Making the Network a Priority

Nick has never viewed his Top Echelon Network membership as a “magic money-making machine” right out of the pages of Dr. Seuss. He has recognized that it requires a certain amount of time, energy, and effort on this part.

However, he also expects to receive a return on this investment, and he has.

“Our firm is committed to prioritizing Top Echelon as a resource for success,” said Nick. “If we are going to spend the money to be a part of the Network, we want a return.”

While Nick adheres to all Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network, he indicated that Communication has been especially integral to his success within TE.

“We place a high value on communicating with affiliates regarding candidates being considered for our posted positions while they are in process,” he said. “Also, we enjoy building partner relationships, both existing and new.”

#3—The Role of Software and Networking

While working with other Top Echelon split recruiting partners has contributed to his agency’s success, Nick also stated that both Top Echelon’s recruiting software and its recruiter networking events have played a role, as well.

“The technology tools that are available with Top Echelon’s ATS and the enhancements that are made keep Network members competitive,” he said. “Technical support has been readily available on numerous occasions to assist when needed. The various conferences are a great way to meet members and there are excellent training sessions at the events. There is a lot of opportunity for learning with the perspectives and insights of TE partners.”

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#4—Trust in a Higher Power

Although this is #4 on our list, Nick certainly places it higher in terms of what it has meant to his life and his recruiting business. As a Christian, he credits his faith for keeping him centered and focused in what can be a topsy-turvy profession.

“As a Christ follower, both prayer and insights from the Bible have become very important to me as a recruiter in the midst of the ups and downs in this business,” Nick said.

Nick also uses his faith and the Bible as guides for how he operates within the confines of Top Echelon Network. The results, of course, speak for themselves.

“The wisdom and promises found [in the Bible] are important, as they relate to both doing business and relating to others,” added Nick.

In terms of advice for newer TE members, Nick once again defers to The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network. This time, though, he references Quality.

“For someone who would import candidates in the Network, be sure to write the job order descriptions with quality information that is updated with changes if they occur,” he said. “Keep in mind that job orders from good companies increase your chances of acceptance if an offer is made.”

When a recruiter who has excelled within the profession for 45 years gives free advice, it is advice that should be taken.

As for Nick’s part, the more things change, the more things stay the same. That applies to both the recruiting profession overall, which has undergone quite a few changes since 1979, and his Top Echelon Network membership specifically.

“I have been associated with Top Echelon since 2004,” Nick said. “I am a big believer in split business and that perspective has not changed.”

And he has the placements to prove it.

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