In the Top Echelon Network Spotlight: Neans Moran

Top Echelon Network member Neans Moran of CPG Talent Management, LLC went from wondering whether or not she could trust a recruiting network to discovering that she had found, in her own words, “the best secret ever.”

Neans, who specializes in the Consumer Package Goods and Food & Beverage industries, has made 13 split placements since joining the Network. After making two splits in 2020, she added 11 more the following year.

Neans Moran of CPG Talent Management, LLC

Neans Moran

According to Neans, she didn’t know much about the Network prior to applying for membership.

“I didn’t even know something like this existed,” she said. “I started in external search and was never part of a network, just a member of a traditional external search firm team. I went in-house as an internal corporate recruiter and still never knew it existed. Then I started researching and discovered another network that now no longer exists, and via networking with other recruiters and search firms, I discovered TE.”

Like some recruiters, Neans initially had concerns about the integrity and the confidentiality of Top Echelon Network.

“My biggest concern was, is it sketchy and can I trust anyone outside of my inner circle?” she said. “My biggest curiosity was how does it operate, how are recruiters and search firms vetted, and how do recruiters in the Network make money?”

Eventually, her questions were answered and her concerns were alleviated, and she was able to get down to business in the Network. Specifically, she was primarily looking for sourcing help and she was motivated by a personal reason, as well.

“I was looking for other search firms that had clients with jobs for candidate referrals that came my way when I had no jobs for them,” said Neans. “More importantly, what I was looking for all centered around family and work-life balance. A year into external search on my own, work-life balance didn’t exist like I thought it would by owning my own time.”

According to Neans, below are four additional takeaways that have been instrumental to her success as a member of Top Echelon Network:

#1—Persistence breeds success.

As we tell new Network members when they join, you might not make placements immediately. In fact, there’s a good chance that you won’t. However, if you’re persistent and you keep working the system, good things will happen. And those good things will bring placement fees with them.

“In my first year, I really didn’t have any monetary success because I’m a skeptical person and didn’t put my jobs or candidates out there,” said Neans. “I spent more time getting to know other partners and attending local and national meetings to ensure it was a good cultural fit.

“Watching TE grow, change, and upgrade technology to meet the needs of the members has been impressive. I have been very impressed with the professional contracting services side of the business, as well. I feel like I discovered the underworld of recruiting and the best secret ever!”

#2—Trust is the cornerstone of her membership.

Trust is also one of The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network. The other three are Quality, Communication, and Active Participation, and Neans practices these, as well.

“I treat all levels of people with respect, no matter what level they have achieved, income, or position,” she said. “I can be tough, but I’m never mean. I work hard and I do good work. I track candidate sources to ensure I give credit where credit is due.

“Signed contracts with clients are always in place before initiating a search to ensure that I can pay a recruiting partner. When it comes down to it, I do the right thing.”

#3—Collaboration and camaraderie are key.

Making money through split placements is just one of the benefits of Top Echelon Network membership. There are other intangible benefits, as well, and collaboration and camaraderie are the threads that run through many of them.

“It’s great to have a broader reach and it’s fun to connect with other like-minded recruiters to keep myself and team members sane some days,” said Neans. “We have trust knowing others are ‘in our shoes’ reaching for the same goals with our clients and not paranoid that they’re going to be poached.

“It’s inspiring that we all have enough integrity and confidence to take a breath and teach or offer new recruiters in the Network feedback or constructive criticism. A big high is making an impact on another firm or recruiter by increasing their revenue and making them a hero for their candidates and clients.”

#4—Attend Top Echelon meetings.

According to Neans, the most impactful thing she did, especially during the early stages of her membership, was invest in attending Top Echelon recruiter networking events. This helped her to grow as a Network member, both in terms of building relationships and making splits.

“Meeting other members in person gave me peace of mind and confidence in the Network,” said Neans. “You need to put yourself out there and be genuine. Find other ‘eagles’ in the Network to partner with and understand that you might run into some ‘turkeys’ along the way. Remember, if this job was easy, everyone would be doing it.”

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