In the Network Spotlight: Veronica Snyder

There aren’t many recruiters who have enjoyed more success in Top Echelon’s recruiting network than Veronica (Roni) Snyder of Career Professionals, Inc.

Veronica Snyder of Career Professionals, Inc.

Veronica Snyder

Roni started recruiting in 1999, the year that she joined Career Professionals. At the time, the recruiting agency was already a member of the Network.

As a result, Roni was introduced to the Top Echelon Network business model on her very first day as a recruiter. The benefits of that early indoctrination are obvious, as she has made 81 placements in Top Echelon Network with a cash-in total of more than $700K.

Because of Roni’s longevity in both the recruiting profession and also as a member of the Network, we are pleased to put her “In the Network Spotlight” in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.

According to Roni, below are four takeaways that have been instrumental to her success during the past two decades:

#1—Rely on other members during tough times.

Recruiting is a tough profession, a reality that Roni learned early. However, her Network membership has turned out to be a tremendous help.

“One of things recruiting has taught me is that ‘success isn’t forever,’” said Roni. “This can be a very humbling profession. I have enjoyed periods of success in Top Echelon, as well as dry spells that feel like they will last forever. One of the consistent things I have done during the dry spells is reach out to other TE members, especially those who post good jobs to the network. A simple, friendly introduction call to understand the recruiter’s niche can eventually turn into a split placement.”

The current pandemic and the recessionary conditions that it has caused in the economy have also proven to be challenging. But once again, Roni reached out to Network members—some she knew and some she didn’t—in her efforts to overcome those challenges.

“During the early months of the pandemic, I touched base with several TE recruiters,” she said. “The calls helped me feel connected and reminded me that we have many high-quality professionals in our network. TE does a good job bringing new members into the network. It doesn’t matter what your prior success level has been in the network; it is still beneficial to take the steps to interact with new TE partners.”

#2—Make placements outside of your area of expertise.

Career Professionals has worked and continues to work primarily with Manufacturing plants located in the Southeast. However, because of its Network membership, Roni has been able to branch out and make split placements in industries that fall outside of her area of expertise.

“Interacting with true recruiting professionals is the biggest benefit [of Network membership], and the opportunity to expand my area of expertise is a close second,” she said. “I enjoy assisting TE affiliates with targeted job searches, sometimes in industries that are outside of my usual area. I typically focus in Automotive, Plastics, Metal Working, Chemical, etc.

“For instance, Mary Anne Buckley [of Interstate Recruiters Corp] and I met accidentally on the Network a few years ago. Up until that point, I didn’t do many Medical Device or Pharma searches. Mary Anne gave me the chance to assist with some job searches, taught me what I needed to know, and we’ve had good success working as a team. In fact, we’re close to completing our third placement together.

“Without the Network, this partnership wouldn’t have been possible. I don’t have any Pharma clients of my own, but I now keep an eye on high-level Pharma jobs posted to the Network in hopes that an affiliate may one day benefit from my pool of candidates.”

#3—Use TE to provide more value to clients and candidates.

Roni and long-time business partner, Steve Taylor, bought Career Professionals, Inc. in 2004 and were co-owners for many years. When Steve retired in 2015, Roni began working solo.

When that happened, Roni knew that she needed the full resources of Top Echelon Network to help her meet the needs of her clients and candidates.

“After my business partner retired and I became a one-person office, it was important that my clients and potential clients knew that I had the bandwidth to work broadly and take on difficult searches,” she said. “I often discuss the recruiting network and how I use it to help identify top talent in specific niches. I am a one-person office, but I have the support of a nationwide network of recruiters. And I have proven to clients that using the network can generate solid candidates for their job searches.

“I also talk with candidates about the value of the Network and get their permission to share their credentials with affiliate recruiters. Most really appreciate me keeping an eye out for job opportunities. For star candidates, I’ll set up a TE job alert to let me know what potential jobs are posted that match their skill sets.”

#4—Participation is the KEY to success.

There’s a reason that Active Participation is one of The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network. And there’s a reason that relationships are the foundation of long-lasting success in TE.

“If you join, participate in the network,” said Roni. “Get familiar with [the Big Biller recruiting software] and figure out how to use the software effectively for your business model. Also, pick up the phone and introduce yourself to the recruiters who work in your niche, or who have good jobs posted to the network. Relationships make the difference.”

Roni Snyder is a model Top Echelon Network member, and her story serves as an inspiration to those who are looking to maximize their own Network membership. We at Top Echelon want to thank Roni for her loyalty and dedication down through the years, as well as the tremendous success that she has enjoyed both inside and outside of the Network!

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