How to Connect with Top Echelon on Social Media

As you are all well aware, social media has taken over the world.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. Then again, maybe it’s not.

Regardless, it’s become an integral part of daily life for many of us, and that includes recruiters.

After all, recruiters deal in information, and there is a tremendous amount of information on social media. Of course, not all of it is valuable information, and therein lies the problem: being able to find the valuable information and leave the rest behind.

At Top Echelon, we pride ourselves on providing valuable information to recruiters, and that includes through our social media accounts. In fact, we recently revamped (and added to) our accounts, taking steps to improve them so they provide the best experience possible for recruiters.

In short, we’ve molded the accounts so they’re more targeted, they provide better information, and they’re more valuable to those recruiters who connect with them.

Just recently, I invited you to follow Top Echelon Software on LinkedIn and also join our Recruiting Tips and Training Group on LinkedIn.

But believe it or not, social media is about more than just LinkedIn. (I know, heresy, right?)

With that in mind, I invite you to connect with Top Echelon on the social media platforms listed below by clicking on the appropriate links. (You might be pleased to know that we now have an Instagram account!)

Top Echelon on LinkedIn

Top Echelon on Twitter

Top Echelon on Facebook

Top Echelon on Instagram

We share ALL sorts of information through these social media accounts. Some of it is general in scope and will appeal to the entire recruiting and staffing industry. Other information might be for customers only.

We share blog posts, videos, and announcements regarding upcoming events such as free training webinars. Whatever it might be, we strive to share information that recruiters will consider to be of value.

Because no matter the extent to which social media takes over the world, it still won’t change the fact that the most important thing you can do is provide value . . . especially to those who have come to expect it from you.

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