Maneuverability and the 5 Stages of a Networker

In this latest installment in our “Planning Your Network Success” series of blog posts, I’m going to discuss maneuverability in recruiting. By that, I mean how Network members are able to maneuver around inside the Top Echelon Network software.

The software, of course, is a networking software. It’s been designed to help recruiters share information more easily and more effectively, so they can make more split placements together.

How well a Network member grasps the software can determine how successful they are. That’s why it would be to your advantage to put the technology that Top Echelon Network offers to good use.

Below are how the 5 Stages of a Networker apply to maneuverability in recruiting:

Stage 1 Networker

They are overwhelmed by the vast amount of information in the Top Echelon Network system. The number of systems, the terminology, and the complexity of the Network system seem overwhelming.

Stage 2 Networker

They’ve found that executing simple tasks in the Network Dashboard is relatively easy. They also understand that Top Echelon offers other features—like the Network Candidates sourcing tool—but they haven’t explored those yet.

Stage 3 Networker

They’re finding that operating the Network Dashboard is now a breeze. In addition, if they use Top Echelon’s recruiting software, they’re becoming very familiar with the Top Echelon Network system. They’re starting to see how the software can make their office more efficient in several ways.

Stage 4 Networker

They’re logged into the Network Dashboard from early morning through the end of the day. They view it as being an extension of their computer.

They can locate any type of candidate in minutes, and they recognize the power of having access to millions of resumes with the click of a mouse. They’re truly proficient with the software at this point, especially the Network Candidates sourcing tool.

Stage 5 Networker

Their entire office is connected to the Network Dashboard all day long, and they’re regularly communicating with other Network members, either by phone or through email and/or instant messaging.

They’ve come to rely heavily on the Network software and Top Echelon’s recruiting software, so much so that their computer has become a virtual filing cabinet of sorts for the Network. In short, they are taking FULL advantage of the technology offered by our elite recruiter network.

In my next blog post in this series, I’ll examine the essential element of expectations.

If you have any questions in the meantime—about this blog post, about the 5 Stages of a Networker, or about your split recruiting membership in Top Echelon Network—please contact me.

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