‘Planning Your Network Success’ in Top Echelon

Every week, there’s proof that Top Echelon Network can help recruiters make split placements. That’s because recruiters in the Network keep making split placements and they keep enjoying success.

Before the Internet changed everything about the way information was presented and transferred, there was a booklet that we sent to new Network members through “snail mail.” That booklet was titled “Planning Your Network Success.”

Now, a lot has changed in Top Echelon’s recruiting network since we sent that booklet to recruiters. However, a lot hasn’t changed. As a result, the information contained in the booklet is still as valuable now as it was when we first produced it.

Planning and stages of success

In The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, we’ve been talking about how we want to help you make more split placements.  And since the information that was contained in “Planning Your Network Success” could help you do just that, we’re re-releasing that information as a series of blog posts in The Pinnacle.

One of the central themes that ran through the booklet is that of “The Five Stages of a Networker.” That’s something that we’ll be keeping and presenting to the membership in The Pinnacle.

Philosophies and mindsets

What was also valuable about this booklet is that it explored the philosophies of the Network and the mindset that recruiters must have if they want to be successful as members. It’s these philosophies and this mindset that we’ll be emphasizing in the updated version of “Planning Your Network Success.”

Remember, this information is NOT just for newer members. It’s for anybody who wants to maximize their membership and “plan their Network success.”

If you have any questions about this booklet, the blog posts that we’ll be publishing, or what topics you think should be included, please send your feedback to us. We want to help you make more placements!

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