Hire Horizons: Recruiting Website of the Week!

Not all recruiting websites are created equal! Some of them are great recruiting tools, to help brand your company for both employers and job seekers. Some of them you can even say are the best of the best.

That’s why we’re starting a weekly series featuring recently launched recruiting websites made by our web team. Okay, and maybe to brag a little bit, too.

Our first Recruiting Website of the Week is Hire Horizons (www.HireHorizons.com) for many reasons, including the following five:

1. See how easy it is to submit a resume? This button is located right above the fold on the homepage guaranteeing that it will catch a job seeker’s attention. Also, this button is on the sidebar on all other pages of this website. Making it so job seekers can explore around the website but it’ll always be easy for them to submit their resume.

2. It’s clear what Hire Horizons’ niche is from the start. Job seekers can tell what type of positions they are looking to fill. The image, text and position of the featured jobs makes this clear for web visitors. Industrial and manufacturing job seekers will know they are in the right place for their job hunt.

3. Contact us sections are clear and easy to spot. If a job seeker or employer has a question they can easily find the information they are looking for. This button follows the user on the footer of every page. Also, the website offers other ways to connect with social media buttons in the header.

4. The information is just as easy to find on the mobile version of the site. Don’t believe us? Check this website out on your smartphone.

5. Separate pages for candidates and employers is another great addition to this site. After all, recruiters have two audiences they are trying to connect with on a website. Having 2 separate pages makes it so the visitor can locate the information that pertains to them quickly.

Congratulations to Hire Horizons, and stay tuned for next week where we will feature another recruiting website. Want to know how your website stacks up? Be sure to request a free website evaluation of your recruiting website.

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