Get Pro Tier Features at Standard Tier Pricing!

As you well know, the end of the year is nearly here. And no, I didn’t plan on rhyming that much. It just sort of . . . happened.

But something you might not want to leave to happenstance is the Professional Tier of the Top Echelon recruiting software.

During the last several months, we’ve been rolling out information regarding our Pro Tier, starting with a Training Tuesday webinar session devoted to it on August 1. Then, later in August, we published some FAQs regarding the Pro Tier.

Then we announced that current users of the Top Echelon recruiting software would have access to the Pro Tier features at no additional cost from September 1 through November 30. At the end of that free trial, you’d have to choose whether to upgrade to the Pro Tier or not.

Obviously, we’re past the date of November 30, so what now? I’m glad you asked that question because I have an answer!

If you want to enjoy the current AND future features of the Pro Tier, then I recommend paying for the Top Echelon recruiting software with the annual plan. This, of course, means paying for a year of the software in advance. But here are the benefits . . .

The cost of the Professional Tier with the monthly plan is $110 per month. However, if you opt for the annual plan and pay for 12 months in advance, then the cost is $89 per month. And that just happens to be the price of the Standard Tier on the monthly plan.

So this means that you can get Pro Tier features at Standard Tier pricing by opting for the annual payment plan!

And keep in mind that we’ll be adding new features and functionality to the Pro Tier during the next 12 months.

As you can see, we’ve already added three new Pro Tier features to the software:

  1. Temporary Activity Edit Screen
  2. Attachments Listed on Email Edit Screen
  3. Active/Inactive Automations Toggle

But wait, there’s more! That’s right, we have some more Pro Tier features on the horizon, which you can check out by visiting the Top Echelon Product Updates page. However, to save you time, here are the Pro Tier features scheduled for release in the near future:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Job Description Integration—This integration will offer the ability to use AI to automatically generate a job description based on the Job Title and other fields, such as Certification, Education, Compensation Requirements, Remote Status, and more.
  • Automated Text Messaging Action—Send text messages automatically via Automations.

And if you’d like to take the next step, I encourage you to schedule a 15-minute demo of the Professional Tier by clicking on the link below:

Yes, I want a 15-minute demo of the Pro Tier!

This is a free, personalized demo with a Pro Tier Specialist who can help you visualize the perfect “Pro” experience. And did I mention that it’s only 15 minutes?

At Top Echelon, we want to help you succeed. It’s what we’ve done for the past 35 years and we’ll continue to do for the next 35. Let’s make 2024 the best year it can possibly be!

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