5 Marks of a TRUE Trading Partner in the Network

Making split placements in Top Echelon is ALL about teamwork. When two recruiters work as a team during the recruiting and hiring process, it’s a thing of beauty . . . especially when that beauty is accompanied by a big, fat placement check.

That’s why it’s crucial to find a true trading partner in this recruiter network. Once you find such a partner, the process becomes easier, more efficient, and more successful.

What constitutes a TRUE trading partner in Top Echelon? Well, using the case studies over the years in our “‘Comments’ and Compliments” feature, we have a list of descriptive phrases.

Below are five marks of a true trading partner in Top Echelon Network:


This might go without saying, but it certainly merits mentioning. Be professional in all of your dealings with your trading partners.

When you say you’re going to call, call. When you say you’re going to email, email. Brand yourself as somebody who is reliable. Nobody likes a flake, unless they’re eating a bowl of them for breakfast.


When you’re working with a trading partner, you can’t just disappear. You must be accessible to your partners and able to answer questions if they need answers.

You should be accessible the same way that you want candidates and clients to be accessible during the hiring process. If you want to make the placement, then make the time to make the placement.


As explained above, membership in Top Echelon’s recruiting network is ALL about teamwork. What we’re talking about is the desire to be collaborative and the ability to NOT micromanage during the placement process.

Don’t try to control everything. If there was ever a collaborative process, a split placement between two recruiters is it.

#4—Due diligence

You want to brand yourself as somebody who is not only reliable, but also trustworthy. In a split fee recruiting situation, each recruiter must trust the other to “hold up their end of the bargain.”

Each recruiter has work to do, and they can’t be worried about whether or not the other person is doing it. However, when that trust is developed and validated, placements happen.


Communication is one of The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network for a reason. When you follow up, you’re being professional and you’re doing your due diligence.

See how all of this ties together? It’s almost like it works this way for a reason.

Every week, Top Echelon recruiters partner with one another to make splits. And they display the above characteristics in their ongoing pursuit of more placements and more revenue.

Are YOU a true trading partner in Top Echelon Network?

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