Get a 15-Minute Demo of Top Echelon’s Pro Tier!

If you use Top Echelon’s recruiting software (formerly known as Big Biller), then you currently have a free trial of the software’s Professional Tier features!

This trial started on September 1 and will continue until November 30, at which time you’ll have the choice of upgrading your account to the Professional Tier or staying at your current level. (Click HERE to see the difference between the Professional Tier and the Standard Tier.)

If you haven’t used the Pro Tier features yet, below are some of the highlights of what you’ve been missing:

Automations: Our Automations feature allows you to automate emails, record Activities, and perform other routine tasks so you can focus on the real work of recruiting! Check out the related Help Center article or watch our Training Tuesday recording to learn more.

Forms: Our Forms feature works with the new Careers Page to help you gather pertinent information on your candidates when they apply to your jobs. Learn more in the Help Center article.

If you’re ready to upgrade right now, great! Go to your Billing Overview page and follow the prompts. You’ll never miss out on our latest and greatest features as a Pro subscriber!

If you’re not convinced yet, we understand. After all, you have more than two weeks left before your trial ends. But perhaps you have questions. Well, we have answers!

That’s why we’re inviting you to sign up for a free, personalized demo with a Pro Tier Specialist so they can help you visualize the perfect “Pro” experience. It will only take 15 minutes!

Hold on. That call to action might now have been big enough. Let’s try this instead:

Yes, I want a 15-minute demo of the Pro Tier!

There, that’s better. Regardless of where you might currently be on your Top Echelon journey. We’ll reach out again with a reminder or two (or three or four) as we get closer to the end of the trial on November 30.

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