Free Video: How to Double Your Recruiting Revenue

Every recruiter would like to double their recruiting revenue. But the question is HOW do you accomplish such a thing?

The good news is that we have the answer! Well, not us, specifically, but Greg Doersching of Bullseye Mentor, a consulting agency that offers expert recruiter training.

Greg conducted a webinar about this very topic. Not only that, but we also had the foresight to record the live webinar. So now we have the recorded version forever . . . bwahahahahaha!

Anyway, the video that we’re highlighting this week in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog is “Learn How to Double Your Recruiting Revenue in the Next Five Years.” Below is the official description of that video.

More recruiting revenue for YOU

Recruiters are facing incredible obstacles in today’s job market. Baby Boomers are retiring. Millennials make up most of the candidate and client pools. LinkedIn is offering less and charging more. ZipRecruiter is everywhere.

In this webinar video, industry trainer and recruiting expert Greg Doersching will teach you how to overcome these obstacles. He’ll also teach you how to thrive in today’s market while putting you on a path to doubling your recruiting revenue!

During this free webinar video, you’ll learn how to:

  • Diversify your recruiting offerings to give your clients more value.
  • Streamline the recruiting process to make more money up front.
  • Identify the right candidates for the right placements.
  • And much more!

If you want to double your recruiting revenue (and really, what recruiter doesn’t?), then check out this free video. Your future self will thank your present self!

Watch this FREE training video!

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