5 Quick Facts About the Top Echelon Fall Conference

We’ve been heavily promoting the 2019 Top Echelon Fall Conference during the past couple of weeks. Although Early Bird Registration has ended, we’re going to continue promoting the conference during the next several weeks.

However, I know that you’re busy on your recruiting desks, so I will be brief. In my quest for brevity, below are five quick facts about the upcoming 2019 Fall Conference:

#1—The dates of the Fall Conference are Monday, October 21, through Wednesday, October 23.

Like the National Convention, we’ve used multiple formats for the Fall Conference in terms of which days of the week we hold it. These formats have their pros and cons, but attendance levels have been pretty much the same for all of them.

#2—The location is the Sheraton O’Hare Suites in Chicago.

This hotel has been the location of the Fall Conference for the vast majority of years that we’ve held the event, and there are many good reasons. It’s close to the airport, it’s designed well for our purposes, and the hotel staff and management have always been accommodating.

#3—Regular Registration for the Fall Conference is currently available.

As usual, we’re allowing Network members to register as early as we can because we want to give them as much control as possible in regards to their schedule and preparation for the event.

As mentioned above, Early Bird Registration is now over. However, the Regular Registration period is in full swing.

Click here to register for the Fall Conference on our special convention website.

#4—The cost of Regular Registration is $295 per person.

The cost of attending the Fall Conference, much like the cost of attending the National Convention, has remained virtually the same during the past 10 to 15 years.

We’re not worried about inflation. We just want you to attend so you can experience the value that these events offer.

#5—Aaron Eastlack of the Haley Marketing Group will be the main speaker.

Yes, Todd Bossler will be there to discuss the Big Biller and Network software. However, members have told us down through the years that marketing is one of the biggest challenges on their recruiting desks and within their agencies.

Aaron Eastlack will be on hand to provide great content and direction for those in attendance, including in terms of their agency’s recruiting websites. (Because, once again, Top Echelon no longer offers website services.)

As always, we’re anticipating healthy attendance at the Top Echelon Fall Conference . . . but it won’t be the same without YOU.

Come to Chicago, meet your trading partners, meet new recruiters, and make more placements!

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