Fall Conference Feedback: ‘THANKS! Well Done!’


Below is an email sent by Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter and 2013 Fall Conference attendee Lloyd E. Shoemaker of TriVista Professional Placement Services to Network President Mark Demaree:

I’m sitting at my desk wondering just what I can say about this year’s Fall Conference in Chicago, [which] just concluded.  What is there to say about Greg’s presentations, both informative and humorous?  How do you acknowledge Todd’s bloviating about all the advantages of Big Biller?   The organizational skills of Drea, what do we say about them?

Would the conference been the same without Debbie and Hannah . . . the icings on the cake?!  And what do you say to Mark Demaree, our gracious host?  The best thing I can think of is THANKS!  Well done!

It was great to see some of the friends I’ve made over the years in TE and it was neat to meet so many new friends who were at their first Fall Conference.  You can tell the Network is in good hands . . . now and in the future!


Hannah Laps, Lloyd Shoemaker, and Debbie Fledderjohann resized 600

Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter Lloyd Shoemaker of TriVista Professional Placement Services, center, seizes a photo op, along with Training and Education Specialist Hannah Laps, left, and Top Echelon Contracting President Debbie Fledderjohann at last week’s Fall Conference in Chicago.

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