4 Types of Job Seeker Content for Your Website

Just as important as the style and design of your website is the content that’s within it.

Once you’ve identified your target audience, the content should be tailored to their particular interests.  That means you’ll have a section on your site devoted to job seekers and a section devoted to companies.  (Unless, of course, you’re strictly an importer or an exporter.  Then you don’t need to pay attention to one half of that equation.)

Job seekers are the visitors you want coming back to your site over and over and over again.  In other words, you want to make your site “sticky.”  In order to accomplish that, though, you’ll have to offer a lot in the way of content.

Below are four types of job seeker content for your recruiting firm’s website:

1. Career-related articles

Jobs seekers want to know how to manage their career and how to advance up the ladder to reach their goals.  Providing these types of articles not only gives them what they need, but it also positions you as a “career consultant.”  If they have specific questions, they’ll be more likely to ask you.

2. Industry-related articles

These are still useful, but not quite as important as the career-related articles.  Anything regarding the current state of the industry or future trends would be preferable.

3. Hot jobs

Some recruiters’ websites allow job seekers to view the jobs that the recruiters are currently working.  This often represents the number-one reason that job seekers return to a recruiter’s site over and over again.  They want to see if there are any new jobs available.  This functionality is highly recommended for your firm’s site.

4. Polls/surveys

To maximize your site’s effectiveness, there needs to be more than one form of interactivity.  Polls or surveys can be that form.

If you need a website built from scratch or if you believe that it’s time to update the design or functionality of your current site, check out some examples of websites that we’ve built for other recruiters.

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