4 Types of Company Content for Your Firm’s Website

In my previous blog post, we examined the type of content that would be best for attracting job seekers to a recruiter’s website.  Now we’ll take a look at the company side of the equation.

As a general rule, job seekers are more prone to visit a recruiter’s site over and over than hiring managers are (simply because the job seekers are usually more motivated-to find a new job!)  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t attract hiring managers and keep their attention.

Below are four types of company content for your recruiting firm’s website:

1. Management-related articles

Like the career-related articles, hiring authorities find these useful, especially if they contain timely subject matter and topics. Most likely, these people have heard all of the basics management techniques and tips. Wow them with something intriguing and informative, and they’ll be back for more.

2. Industry-related articles

Once again, these aren’t as important, but they can still provide value and contribute to the “stickiness” of your site.

3. Hot job seekers

Just like job seekers can view hot jobs, hiring managers and company officials can view job seekers who are interested in making a move. Of course, the contact information of these job seekers will be blinded. If a hiring manager finds somebody they like, they’ll have to contact you. (Score!)

4. Polls and/or surveys

Once again, a little interactivity wouldn’t hurt, and polls and surveys represents ways in which to achieve this.

Regardless of whether you have company content, job seeker content, or both, the most important thing to remember about content is that some aspect of it must change on a regular basis.

That doesn’t mean you have to continually re-write the information for your individual pages.  It means that people visit Web sites more often if they know that there’s going to be fresh content provided on a timely and consistent basis.

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