Comparing the 2017 Cash-in Totals of TE Recruiters

Last week, we explored how many perm placements Top Echelon Network recruiters made in 2017. This week, we’re moving on. Specifically, we’re moving on to TE members’ cash-in totals.

Adding up placement totals is all fine and good. However, the cash you earn from those placements is where it really counts. And we wanted to know how much counting Network recruiters have done during the past 12 months.

That means YOU. So, as you might imagine, we posed a poll question in the Members’ Area. That question went something like this . . .

What was the cash-in total for your recruiting desk in 2017?

The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of split network recruiters that selected each one:

  • Less than $100K — 24.5%
  • Between $100K and $200K — 34.0%
  • Between $200K and $300K — 18.9%
  • Between $300K and $400K — 9.4%
  • Between $400K and $500K — 2.8%
  • Over $500K — 10.4%

Cash-in totals: the “sweet spot”

Once again, let’s find the “sweet spot” of these poll results. We have a winner! The “sweet spot” is apparently “between $100K and $200K,” which accounted for 34.0% of the vote.

The next-“sweetest spot” was “Less than $100K” at 24.5%. From there, the percentages decreased, but with one major exception. That exception occurred at “Over $500K.” Once the answers reached that level, the percentage jumped back up to 10.4%.

There are a lot of different ways that a person could look at the results of this poll. Which ways are those? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

  • 75.5% of poll participants billed at least $100K in 2017
  • 41.5% of poll participants billed at least $200K
  • 22.6% of participants billed at least $300K
  • Nearly half of all recruiters who billed at least $300K billed over $500K

All of these numbers, no matter how you view them, all point to the same conclusion. That conclusion is that Top Echelon Network members are successful recruiters. This is especially the case if you measure success by the standard of recruiting fees.

But that makes sense, doesn’t it? At Top Echelon, we want successful, ethical, split-minded recruiters in our recruiting network. It doesn’t matter to us whether they bill $100K or $500K.

Although, you know . . . the more, the merrier.

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