‘Comments’ and Compliments for Split Placements

In order to showcase the cooperation between Top Echelon recruiter networks of Trading Partners, as well as the premium they place on their relationships, we’d like to publish some of the comments that Preferred Members submit with their Completed Placement forms in The Pinnacle blog.

We’re very pleased that our Members take the time to compliment one another, and we look forward to similar comments in the future. If you have comments for a Trading Partner regarding a recent split placement, please email those comments to marketing@TopEchelon.com.

— — —

Mike EhlersJeffrey Gilbert“Jeff brought excellent candidates to the table, and it was a tough client to satisfy.  A bonus is that another candidate Jeff found should get an offer for a different region this week, as well.”

Submitted by Mike Ehlers of Ehlers Recruiting Partners regarding his split placement with — — —

Denise DeLongisBetsy Harper“Denise identified the perfect candidate within one day!  It was a very smooth process, and we’re looking forward to more of these!”

Submitted by Denise DeLongis of ICONSTAFF” href=”http://www.recommendedrecruiter.com/Recruiter/92969/Denise_DeLongis” target=”_blank”>Denise DeLongis of ICONSTAFF

Position Title–Marketing Systems Specialist
Starting Annual Salary–$67,000
Total fee–$13,400
Fee Percentage–20%

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