Important Changes to The Pinnacle for 2019

Happy New Year!

Okay, now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. There will be some changes to The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog in 2019. You may have already noticed one of them, which is first on the list below:

There is a new email template for distribution of the newsletter.

There’s a good chance you encountered this template in your inbox. While the template has a new look, the functionality is the same. You have two options. First, you can click on the individual blog post links to view only that blog post. Second, you can click on the “READ ENTIRE ISSUE” button to, well, read the entire issue. (Or at the very least, view all of the posts in the current issue on a single web page. Although that will entail scrolling.)

Pinnacle changes: present and future

There will be four email templates overall for 2019.

The one that you saw this week is called, ironically enough, the weekly template. There is also a monthly template, a quarterly template, and a yearly template. We will organize and categorize the content within these templates and issues accordingly.

There will still be 52 issues in 2019, one per week. If there’s a monthly issue one week, then it will take the place of the weekly issue. There will NOT be four weekly issues and one monthly issue in a given month for a total of five issues for that month. Instead, there will be three weekly issues and one monthly issue. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Twelve (12) monthly issues
  • Four (4) quarterly issues
  • One (1) yearly issue
  • Thirty (35) weekly issues

Add that all up, and it comes to 52 total issues. Isn’t math grand?

There will also be a re-design of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog website.

The website is basically where The Pinnacle lives. It’s where we keep all of the blog posts, both past and present. And yes, before you ask, the re-design of the website will match the re-design of the email templates.

Our focus: more value for YOU

We’re strategically fine-tuning categories to provide more value.

We will still highlight split placements in The Pinnacle. However, we will no longer list ALL of them. After all, we already list the placements in the Members’ Area. But we will highlight recruiters making their first Network split. That’s a monumental occasion, after all!

In addition, we will still highlight anniversaries, but in a slightly different format. We’ll be a bit more selective, giving weight to those who have been part of our recruiter network for 20 years or more. Our emphasis is to both congratulate these agencies and also share with the membership what has made them so successful.

We’ll also still highlight newer Network agencies. But like the placements, we also list those in the Members’ Area. Instead, we’ll include them in our blog posts regarding first placements and also in success story and case study posts. Once again, we believe that presenting the information in this fashion will ultimately provide more value to you, our loyal readers.

And that, in a word, is the impetus behind these changes—value. We want to provide more of it through The Pinnacle. Sure, we’ll be sharing announcements like this one. However, we also want to provide information that will help your agency make more splits and generate more revenue.

We believe whole-heartedly in the split placement methodology. It works. It’s worked at Top Echelon for over 30 years. It should be working for your agency. If it’s not, we want to help it work for your agency.

That’s why I encourage you to contact Director of Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS. To do so, call 330.455.1433, x156 or send an email to

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