Career Professionals Celebrating 32 Years in TE

Break out the cake and ice cream! It’s time for Network anniversaries in Top Echelon!

And we have a doozy right out of the gate. That’s because Career Professionals in Morristown, Tennessee is celebrating its 32nd year as a member agency in Top Echelon Network.

In fact, Career Professionals is one of four TE agencies that is celebrating an anniversary of 20 years or more this month. In all, there are 33 Network agencies celebrating an anniversary in Top Echelon during the month of June.

When recognizing Network agencies for their anniversaries, Top Echelon includes the name of the agency; the length of the anniversary; and the location of the agency, including the city and state.

So congratulations to all of the agencies celebrating anniversaries in our split fee recruiting network during the month of June!

— — —

32-Year Anniversary

  • Career Professionals, Inc. in Morristown, Tennessee

— — —

23-Year Anniversary

  • Stephens International Recruiting, Inc. in Lakeview, Arkansas

— — —

22-Year Anniversary

  • North Peak Group in Lakewood, Ohio

— — —

20-Year Anniversary

  • Sissom & Associates in Knoxville, Tennessee

— — —

18-Year Anniversary

  • Clinical Dynamix, Inc. in Boynton Beach, Florida

— — —

16-Year Anniversary

  • Management Analysis & Utilization, Inc. (MAU Workforce Solutions) in Augusta, Georgia

— — —

15-Year Anniversary

  • Hidden Jobs 4 You in Chicago, Illinois

— — —

14-Year Anniversary

  • Reiger Technical Search in Columbus, Ohio

— — —

9-Year Anniversary

  • bizjobz LLC in Plainview, New York
  • Lynnette Zitzke in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

— — —

8-Year Anniversary

  • ChemSource Recruiting, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois

— — —

7-Year Anniversary

  • S&R Resources in Columbus, Indiana
  • Vogrinc & Short in Rockford, Illinois

— — —

6-Year Anniversary

  • Epic Venture Enterprises in Brecksville, Ohio
  • FPC of Vinings in Smyrna, Georgia
  • Laming and Associates in Dallas, Texas
  • Step Up Recruiting in West Bloomfield, Michigan

— — —

5-Year Anniversary

  • Ethical Search Professionals, Ltd. in Dixon, Illinois

— — —

4-Year Anniversary

  • Abacus 2 in Overland Park, Kansas
  • Blake Thomas in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Flagship Management in Delray Beach, Florida

— — —

3-Year Anniversary

  • ABR Professional Search in Madison, Wisconsin
  • ACS Recruiting & Associates, LLC in Palm Harbor, Florida
  • Driftwood Grove in Defiance, Missouri
  • Richard & Associates HR in Baytown, Texas

— — —

2-Year Anniversary

  • 1st Resource Recruiting in Auburn, Indiana
  • EGN Technical Resources in Austin, Texas
  • Sapphire Recruiting in Libertyville, Illinois
  • Sola Staffing, LLC in Peyton, Colorado
  • TalentPro Consulting in Fairfield, Iowa

— — —

1-Year Anniversary

  • Horan Hiring Solutions, LLC in Highland Heights, Kentucky
  • Jema & Co. in Queensbury, New York
  • Moffitt International in Asheville, North Carolina

— — —

Thank you to all of these agencies and the many others that have joined Top Echelon Network over the years. We look forward to many more anniversaries and split placements in the future!

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