Candidate: ‘Currently Girlfriend of Arnold Schwarzenegger’

In case you’ve forgotten, we want your crazy recruiting stories!

And in case you’re really forgotten, we’re giving away prizes for your craziest recruiting stories!  (As mentioned previously, the judging process will be subjective, but democratic in nature.)

To help kick us off, a Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter submitted a crazy story, one that happened to him recently.  While you enjoy this story, think back to some of the outlandish things that have happened to YOU during your many searches . . .

— — —

I have a good one that just happened a couple months ago.

I’m just finishing a search for a regular client adding a new COO position.  At the beginning of the search, they provided me with 10 names of people they wanted me to check out that were names referred by some industry people they knew.  I talked to one of the referral sources (a CEO at another company) and she said this one particular person used to work for her and was fantastic, but she hadn’t talked with her in a few years.

When I called that person’s company, I was screened much harder by the initial receptionist than I would expect.  I was told I wouldn’t be able to contact her, which was strange because she wasn’t a high executive.  After doing some more research, I found out why they wouldn’t let me through.

It turns out she is currently the girlfriend of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Upon telling the hiring CEO the news, he told me that should I get through to her, I had the authority to offer her the job on the spot.

— — —

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