Betsy Vincent Wins the Top Echelon Network Fantasy Football League

Betsy VincentFive Network placements in the past two years . . .  a “Success Story” profile in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog . . . part of one of the most successful recruiting firms in Top Echelon Network.  However, that all might pale in comparison to what Betsy Vincent of The Williams Company accomplished recently.

That’s right . . . Betsy won the Top Echelon Network Fantasy Football League!  Below is confirmation of that fact, in the form of an email sent to the Top Echelon Network offices by Jed Davis of Carroll Technology Services, Inc.


“Well, gang, the Top Echelon Network Fantasy Football League wrapped up last week with a new champion—Betsy Vincent of the Williams Company.  Her team, Beezer, was one of the top teams all season long, and she really turned it on during the playoffs beating yours truly (Birdland Bums) soundly, 142-101.  For the bronze medal, Steve Hillman’s Spoilermakers overcame an 0-4 start to finish the season on a high note, beating last year’s champion, Don Walker’s Eagles, for third place.

“Thanks to all who played and managed their teams for the entire season, regardless of record.  Hope to see you all back next year!”


Congratulations, Betsy, from everybody at Top Echelon Network!  (Except maybe those people who have played fantasy football year after year after year and never won anything . . . not that we’re jealous or anything . . . just sayin’.)

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