Average Fees and Percentages by Discipline for 2018

Earlier this year, we released Top Echelon statistics for 2018. However, we did not release all of the statistics, but just the major ones involving each industry and discipline within our recruiting network. To recap, below are some of the highlights of those statistics:

  • Completed placements were up 11.2% in 2018 over 2017.
  • The average placement fee was $20,283. That’s the highest average in the Network during the past five years.
  • The average starting salary for a placement was $93,406. Once again, that’s the highest average in the Network during the past five years.
  • The average fee percentage was 21.6%. The average has been hovering in the 21%-22% range during the past five years.

In this issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, we’re breaking down the Network disciplines in terms of three categories. They are the average fee percentage, the average fee, and the average salary associated with each one. This breakdown should give you a better idea of where TE members are making the most money in the Network.

2018 Placements by Discipline

DisciplineFee %Average FeeAverage Salary
Accounting (00)22%$19,114$83,624
Finance & Banking (05)21%$33,922$166,250
Engineering (10)23%$24,521$105,831
Scientific (15)20%$29,270$127,466
IT/Information Systems (20)22%$21,956$98,437
Industry & Manufacturing (25)20%$18,745$84,861
Sales & Marketing (30)20%$21,718$101,485
Insurance (35)20%$32,000$160,000
Technology & Technologists (40)20%$10,684$46,001
Personnel & Human Resources (45)18%$17,999$82,030
Construction (50)20%$15,793$76,215
Healthcare (60)15%$15,193$75,114
Service (65)20%$11,957$58,725
Retail (70)22%$24,833$116,667
Miscellaneous (99)22%$13,160$61,640

As you can see, there are some interesting trends among the statistics presented above:

  • Engineering boasted the largest average fee percentage at 23%.
  • Finance & Banking, Insurance, and Scientific were responsible for the highest average fee. However, to be fair, these disciplines are not in the top half of the Network when it comes to placements made.
  • A total of six disciplines has an average salary above $100K. Once again, thought, Network members did not make a ton of placements. However, Engineering and Sales & Marketing are the exception. These two disciplines are consistently in the top five in our split network in terms of placements made.

There is one big takeaway from all of these statistics. That take-away is that Network recruiters have been doing all of the following on a consistent year-over-year basis:

  • Making more split placements in the Network
  • Placing candidates with higher starting salaries
  • Earning larger fees as a result of their placements

You might say that’s not just one take-away, but three take-aways. However you define it, this represents an ongoing and positive trend with Top Echelon. These numbers bode well for Network members throughout the rest of 2019, and more than likely, beyond.

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