8 Questions to Assess Your Stage as a TE Networker

In the next installment of our “Planning Your Network Success” series of blog posts, I’m going to explore how you can assess your current stage as a TE networker.

There are a couple of reasons to do this, but the main one has to do with the five stages of Top Echelon Network growth. I’ll discuss those stages in an upcoming blog post.

I’m going to use a series of questions to help determine your current stage as a TE networker. You’ll be able to take your answers and see which of the five stages you fall into.

1. Which statement about mindset best characterizes you?

  • You’re skeptical about the benefits of networking compared to the initial time investment.
  • You need to see some results before you can be a true believer in split business.
  • You feel networking should be a steady percentage of your business, in good years and bad.
  • You feel split business is no longer “optional”; you work to make splits happen.
  • You not only take your split business seriously, but you even enjoy it.  You’re good at it.

2. Which statement about trust best characterizes you?

  • You’re normally non-trusting about other recruiters and are reluctant to openly share information.
  • You’re cautious, hold back your best candidates/job orders, and reluctantly share client information.
  • You share all but the most exceptional items and are not concerned about getting “ripped off.”
  • You share everything; you do not hold back your exceptional items for yourself.

3. Which statement about effort best characterizes you?

  • You are unwilling or unable to put forth enough effort to be a successful TE networker.
  • You submit some candidates/job orders and wait to get results to determine the Network’s value.
  • You have good intentions (try to submit items), but something always keeps deals from closing.
  • You’re the hardest-working networker—most submissions, responses, etc.—and almost at the top!
  • You expel a lot of energy—your reputation and core group relationships are your keys to success!

4. Which statement best describes your expectations of Top Echelon as a recruiting network?

  • You fluctuate, and you blame the Network or other members if you’re unsuccessful.
  • Your expectations are high; you see potential, but expect others to respond to your submissions.
  • Your expectations are realistic; many of your submissions will not be placed, but some will.
  • You know how to use your time to generate split placement revenue and take split placement business seriously.
  • You can predict your number of annual split placements, and you have a plan to make it happen!

5. Which statement best describes your intentions and ability to submit data to the Network?

  • Your effort is minimal if you submit items, and often the quality lacks important details.
  • You send many items and might place one; or you submit a few to test the level of response.
  • You know you need a pipeline of regular submissions, but other responsibilities may interfere.
  • You’ve found the right combination in your office to keep the pipeline flowing regularly!
  • Your pipeline is running so smoothly that it functions even if you’re out of the office!

6. Which statement best describes you with respect to quality?

  • You always hold back your excellent candidates/job orders so you can get a full fee.
  • Your intentions are good, but you still have a tendency to hold back your excellent items.
  • You pass only your quality items and have pride in what you share (may still hold back the “very best.”)
  • You deal only in quality and expect the same in others, but will forgive those outside of your core group.

7. Which statement best describes your current relationship with trading partners?

  • You tend to view other recruiters as competitors.
  • You’ve contacted enough Network recruiters now to have some good and “not so good” experiences.
  • You recognize that every firm does things differently and can “roll with the punches.”
  • You treat your split recruiting partners like clients and have at least one who you trust implicitly.
  • You treat every Network recruiter with respect, looking for additions to your core group (upon whom you rely).

8. Which statement best describes your overall Top Echelon Network billings and the economy?

  • Typically $0, whether it’s a good year or a bad economy.
  • Typically $0 to $10,000 per year, but you don’t trust to do splits in a strong economy.
  • $15,000 to $30,000 per year, and you know that splits are important in good or bad times.
  • $45,000 to $85,000 per year, and your split business is important to you in good or bad times.
  • $90,000 to $210,000 per year, and you know that the “machine needs to be oiled” in any economy.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the stages of a TE networker, you can contact me by calling 330.595.1742 or by sending an email to drea@topechelon.com.

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