An Important Announcement About Big Biller Email

We at Top Echelon are pleased to announce the upcoming release of our new and improved email system for the Big Biller recruiting software!

There are multiple developments associated with this release, and one of these developments requires action on your part. First, though, the new Big Biller email system:

  • Offers better deliverability rates for all email sent through Big Biller, including mass email and standard email.
  • Includes the ability to track which recipients have opened your messages.
  • Includes the ability to track which recipients clicked on links within those messages.
  • Provides more detailed analytics for taking targeted action.
    Includes an updated interface, which streamlines the email process.

However, in order to benefit from this new email system, you must do something called “verifying your domain.” Doing this will provide email servers with confirmation that you are a trusted source.

We encourage you to verify your domain immediately by visiting the Verify Domain page within the software. If you need assistance with this process, consult our Help Center article or call (888) 627-3678.

To ensure that you continue to have access to these benefits, we are also taking additional steps to maintain the reputation of Big Biller’s email servers. Servers that receive email are more likely to accept and distribute email from servers that:

  • Send mail that is not marked as spam by recipients.
  • Send mail that is opened instead of ignored or deleted outright.
  • Send mail to active and reputed email addresses.

If Big Biller’s servers send large volumes of bad or unwanted email, then the reputation of our servers may be damaged and the ability of Big Biller users to send email could be curtailed.

To avoid this situation and ensure that Big Biller’s servers maintain high standards and a good reputation, all firms will be given a limit of 5,000 email messages per month. However, if you need to send more than 5,000 emails per month, you will have the option of sending over this limit at a cost of 0.002 cents per recipient. For example, an additional 1,000 emails (over 5,000) would cost two dollars ($2).

At the present time, only three percent (3%) of Big Biller firms average more than 5,000 emails per month and the average number of emails sent per firm is roughly 2,000 emails per month.

Big Biller’s new email system will be live starting on Tuesday, September 1. We recommend that you verify your domain prior to that date to ensure the highest level of email service that we offer.

Thank you for your loyalty as a Big Biller customer, and if you have any questions, you can:

→ Send an email to

→ Contact us via chat during regular business hours.

→ Visit our Help Center.

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