Amy Chapman is Recruiter of the Week in TE!

Amy Chapman’s tenure in our split fee recruiting network can help up as a classic case study for success in Top Echelon.

Let’s start with the results, and there are plenty of them. Amy has needed only a year and a half to rack up 23 split placements in the Network with a cash-in total of nearly $182K. (And remember, that’s the portion she took home.)

Amy Chapman of Key People Staffing

Amy Chapman

Like many other recruiters who are members of TE, Amy joined the network as an already tenured member of the recruiting profession. That experience helped her to enjoy success and enjoy it more quickly, because she was in a better position to provide her split recruiting partners what they needed.

“As a job recruiter mainly, I have minimum 15-year relationships with my clients, which means I know the hiring managers, what they want and can get (good) candidates in process and hired quickly,” said Amy. “I also respect my partners’ time. My openings listed on Top Echelon are up-to-date. If you see my job listed, it’s actively interviewing. And I communicate. If you have a question, want feedback on a submitted candidate, want to know where your candidate stands in process, you’re going to hear back from me immediately.”

As you can see, Amy is definitely invested in her Network membership, and her investment of time, energy, and effort has definitely paid off. But it doesn’t stop there.

According to Amy, below are five takeaways that have been instrumental to her success as a member of the Network:

#1—You can turn your competition into your partners.

According to Amy, she believed there would be benefits to becoming a Network member, but she had some reservations about working with those who were essentially her competitors in her efforts to make split placements.

“I knew there would be benefits but wasn’t positive I would realize a return on my investment or if the benefit would outweigh the risk, being mainly a job recruiter, making my competitors partners,” said Amy.

Ultimately, though, once she became a Network member and began building relationships with other TE recruiters, the reality of the situation was quite the opposite of what she feared might be the case.

“The irony of those concerns was that the more competitors I turned in to partners, the more ROI I realized from the network,” said Amy.

#2—You can grow your business without increasing your overhead.

Like many TE members, Amy joined the Network because she wanted to grow her business without necessarily dramatically increasing her expenses at the same time. That was one of her goals when she joined, and it’s safe to say that she’s already reached that goal during her short time in the Network.

“I was looking for a way to manage the high volume of positions I had without the expense, work, or risk of adding employees to my payroll,” said Amy. “I was also looking for a safety net, a system that could provide a continued stream of income during the ebb and flow of the book of business I was managing, to where I could help source other members’ positions during any slow periods that may come up.”

#3—The benefits associated with Network membership are MANY.

How many? Well, Amy prepared a “Top 10 List,” straight from the home office in Safety Harbor, Florida:

“The benefits of membership in Top Echelon are numerous, but my top 10 would be 1.) Ability to manage more business effectively through engaged partners; 2.) Increased response time to my clients; 3.) My top sales tool to onboard new clients; 4.) Advertising power from Ten Jobs Feed partners; 5.) Provides a platform of competition to keep me motivated; 6.) The software itself is comprehensive and state-of-the-art; 7.) Resource for finding alternate jobs for good candidates I connect with that aren’t a fit for my job; 8.) Providing personal growth through training, newsletters, and Network discussions; 9.) Developing partner friendships and lastly, but most importantly, since it’s why we all work . . . 10.) being a part of the Top Echelon Network is making me a lot of money!”

#4—TE membership expands the reach of members.

According to Amy, her membership in Top Echelon’s recruiting network provides benefits for both her candidates and clients.

“The network expands our reach in every possible facet of recruiting,” she said. “Our candidates benefit from the network by having more exposure to find our opportunities through increased advertising and partner sourcing. Our clients benefit from increased response time and decreased days to fill.

#5—You must USE the Network to benefit from it.

In terms of any advice that Amy has for a new member of Top Echelon Network or somebody who is thinking of joining the Network, she quoted Emmert Wolf, who said, “A man is only as good as his tools.”

“Top Echelon can be the tool that helps your business get to next level,” said Amy.

For the success that Amy has enjoyed as a member of Top Echelon Network—including her 23 split placements and nearly $182K in cash-in—we are pleased to announce that she is the Recruiter of the Week in TE for the week of April 19 to April 25.

One of the main reasons that Amy Chapman’s tenure in our recruiting network is a classic case study for success is that she practices to The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network—Quality, Communication, Trust, and Active Participation. She also adheres to The Principle of Reciprocity, choosing to give first and invest in her split recruiting partners, and that philosophy has paid dividends.

“TEN has provided exactly what I was hoping for . . . a cost-effective way to grow my business,” said Amy.

— — —

Editor’s note: The selection process for the Recruiter of the Week Award is based upon multiple criteria, including production within Top Echelon Network, adherence to the Network Policies and Golden Rules, the spirit of networking that the recruiter displays while interacting with other members, and the level of commitment that the recruiter exhibits in regards to their Network membership overall. The Recruiter of the Week is a true embodiment of The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network—Quality, Communication, Trust, and Active Participation.

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