ALWAYS Reference the Exporter in a Split Situation

Last month in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, I addressed “4 Things a Network Importer Should Do in TE.”

In this issue, I want to continue discussing best practices for importers in Top Echelon Network.

And the cornerstone of this discussion (and this blog post) is that Communication is one of The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network. It’s a key element for success in the Network, regardless of whether you’re an importer or an exporter.

Let’s go one step further: quality communication is one of the ways that recruiters make the most split placements together.

Poor communication does NOT result in more splits.

I say this for a reason: every once in a while, I notice a pattern of poor communication within TE. However, it doesn’t involve communication between recruiters.

It involves communication between a recruiter and a candidate—more specifically, a Top Echelon Network importer (the recruiter with the job) and a candidate supplied by an exporter (the recruiter with the candidate).

Here, in a nutshell, is the problem: the importer is NOT referencing the exporter when first contacting the candidate.

Why is this a problem? It causes confusion, doubt, and suspicion in the candidate’s mind, as well as in the exporter’s mind.

The importer has a much better chance of getting their phone calls and emails returned when they reference the exporter. By doing this, the importer has created some commonality with the candidate, which eliminates confusion in the candidate’s mind.

It also eliminates suspicion in the exporter’s mind, since they know that the importer referenced them up front. This lays the groundwork for a much better split recruiting relationship.

So . . . when you don’t reference the exporter in your communication with their candidate, that can be costly. You could very well be costing yourself the opportunity to make a split placement with that exporter. (And neither of you could even be aware that the opportunity was missed.)

With that in mind, below is a good template for what to say when contacting another recruiter’s candidate. You can add your own personal touch, of course.

“Hello, my name is [your name and agency name here]. I’m currently working with [your split partner’s name and agency name here] to fill the position of [job title here]. I’d like to speak with you regarding this position and ask you some additional questions.”

Quality communication pertains to ALL communication—with other recruiters and also with other recruiters’ candidates. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, delays, and other complications that can get in the way of making more split placements.

Your time is far too valuable for such obstacles.

Identify yourself and reference the exporter when contacting their candidate. Make this a habit and you’ll notice how much easier the whole recruiting process will become.

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