Al Daum Scores Recruiter of the Week Honors!

Is there any doubt that Al Daum of Alan N. Daum & Associates is a model Top Echelon Network recruiter? (That’s an easy question. We’ll answer it for you. There is NO doubt that Al is a model Network recruiter.)

The placement below is Exhibit A. TE member Chelsea Conlan of Ambs Chemical Search sent a candidate to Al for a job order that he shared with the Network. As it turned out, Al already had that candidate in his database. Did he say, “Sorry, but I already have that candidate in my database”?

No, he did NOT.

Instead, he honored Top Echelon Network’s “But For Rule.” The logic is simple. “But for” Chelsea bringing the candidate to this attention, Al would not have known the candidate was interested in the position. In other words, “but for” Chelsea’s efforts, Al would not have made the placement. And this is not an isolated incident for Al, either.

“I can’t tell you how often that happens,” said Al. “The first thing I do with a job order is I share it with the Network. Because I’m working on so many other things, I may not get to that job order for a few days. During that time, though, other recruiters in the Network are working that order. It basically allows me to be in two places at once.

“Every so often, another TE recruiter will send me a candidate that’s dead-on and we make the placement. Sometimes that candidate is already in my database, but that doesn’t matter. They brought my attention to the candidate. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have known.”

So Al honors the candidate referral and the “But For Rule.” Every. Single. Time.

As if that’s not enough to name Al the Recruiter of the Week, he’s currently #4 in the Network in terms of cash-in production during the past 12 months. But wait, there’s more! His agency will celebrate its 19th anniversary in the Network on May 5.

In the 19 years that Al has been a member of Top Echelon’s recruiting network, he’s made a total of 87 split placements. Those placements have brought him an overall cash-in total of nearly $868K. So in the near future, Al will hit both the 100 placement and $1 million cash-in milestones in TE.

“Reaching out to new Network recruiters is important,” said Al. “So is working with new Network recruiters when they contact you first. A lot of my placements recently have been with these recruiters. Networking like this is really an investment in your business.”

For being a model Top Echelon Network recruiter, for his belief in the Top Echelon system, and for his production, we hereby declare that Al Daum is Recruiter of the Week in TE! Congratulations, Al!

— — —

“Thanks, Chelsea, for sending Richard to me. I had him in my database, but did not know he was looking!”

Submitted by Al Daum of Alan N. Daum & Associates, Inc. regarding his Network split placement with Chelsea Conlan of Ambs Chemical Search


Fee Percentage—25%

(Editor’s note: This is the first Network split placement that Al and Chelsea have made together in Top Echelon.)

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