A Triple-Header of ‘Crazy’ Candidate Recruiting Stories

Let’s face it . . . when it comes to “Crazy Recruiting Stories,” candidates are usually at the center of the pandemonium.  In other words, they’re often the source of it—and whatever stress that it produces for the recruiter (or recruiters) involved.

This week’s installment of “Crazy Recruiting Stories” is no different.

In fact, we have a triple-header of such tales, all courtesy of Preferred Member recruiter Rebecca Kohn of Affinity Executive Search.  Kohn works in the Agriculture, Animal Science, and Food Processing industries, among others, and she’s encountered her fair share of pandemonium in regards to candidates.

She was good enough to share three uber-short stories with us that illustrate the integral role that candidates often play in the unpredictable world of recruiting.

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Rebecca Kohn“I once had a candidate who had an unusual request before agreeing to an interview.  She needed to make sure that she could park her trailer full of livestock for the interview.

“I once had a candidate who was rejected because he referred to somebody as a ‘knucklehead’ and a ‘good ol’ boy.’  That didn’t go well.

“I once had a candidate who had his license taken away for drunk driving.  He then went on a two-hour drive to interview with a company.  He drove there without a license, and then he outright told the company about it.  Needless to say, he didn’t get the job.”

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Remember, there are three ways you can submit your “Craziest Recruiting Story”:

  1. You can email your story to marketing@TopEchelon.com.
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  3. You can give me a call and relay your story to me.

The deadline for submitting your “Craziest Recruiting Story of 2011” is midnight on Saturday, December 31.  We’ll announce the winner during the first part of January in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog and the Recruiter Training Blog.

Keep those “crazy” stories coming!  (We can never get enough.)

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