5 Reasons Why Robert Briones is the Recruiter of the Week in TE!

At Top Echelon, we like to recognize recruiters for their production in the Network, especially those recruiters who “fly below the radar.”

This week’s recruiter has been a Preferred Member since 1997.  He hasn’t “set the world on fire” in the Network since then, making a total of 35 placements.

However, he has still receive a tremendous return on his Top Echelon investment, mainly because he very well would NOT have made those 35 placements without the help and resources in TE.

That recruiter is Robert Briones, CPC of R.A. Briones & Company in El Paso, Texas.

There are five main reasons why Briones is the Recruiter of the Week in Top Echelon Network, and we’ve listed those reasons below for your convenience:

#1—He’s split-minded.

Many (if not all) of the most successful recruiters in Top Echelon Network are split-minded.  This means they view split placements as a first option IF it means filling the job order quickly the best candidate available.  As salesmen, including recruiters, know, “Time kills all deals!”  The faster you can produce the best candidates and present them to your clients, the faster you can make placements and get return business.

#2—He values his Trading Partner relationships.

As you can see by the comments listed below, Briones does not take his TE Trading Partners for granted.  In fact, he goes out of his way to praise them for their help in closing deals and making placements.  Just look at the results of his relationship with Sean Napoles, CPC of Career Brokers, Inc.  They’ve made seven split placements so far, and the likelihood of future splits is quite good.  Briones’s attitude toward the Trading Partner relationship is one reason for this.

#3—He attends TE events.

Does Briones attend every TE event?  No, he does not.  But he has attended enough of them to realize how valuable they are and the role they play in his Membership.  Only when recruiters meet each other face-to-face can they take their Trading Partner relationships to the next level.

#4—He’s a CPC.

Although being a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) is NOT a prerequisite for being the Recruiter of the Week in TE, we place a high premium on continuous training within the recruiting industry.  We encourage all Top Echelon Network recruiters to pursue this certification, as well as the Certified Temporary Specialist (CTS) and the Certified Employment Retention Specialist.  After all, what can it hurt?

#5—He believes 100% in the Network’s value.

Briones has embraced Top Echelon’s philosophy regarding networking and making split placements, and that is the number-one reason he’s been successful.  He knows the system works (based on first-hand experience), and he believes in the system.  This allows him to operate with no doubt in his mind about the value that he will receive for his investment of time, energy, and money.  And when you can work with no doubt and no hesitation, you maximize your productivity.

So congratulations to Robert Briones from everybody here at Top Echelon!  We’d like to thank him for his hard work and commitment as a Preferred Member recruiter in the Network.

— — —

Sean Napoles, CPC of Career Brokers, Inc.

Sean Napoles, CPC

Robert Briones, CPC of R.A. Briones & Company

Robert Briones, CPC

“This is going to be the fifth placement for Sean and I.  We have another one that accepted and an offer working on a third.  Sean has gone out of his way and come through for us each time.  I can’t say enough about how well we have been able to work together.  I tell him what we need, Sean recruits and qualifies, and I present and follow through with the client.  What else can you say?”

Submitted by Robert Briones, CPC of R.A. Briones & Company regarding his Network split placement with Sean Napoles, CPC of Career Brokers, Inc.


Fee Percentage—30%

(Editor’s note: This is the seventh Network split placement that Briones and Napoles have made together in Top Echelon.)

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