10 Places to Sneak in Your Contract Staffing Message

Every communication you have with potential and current clients is an opportunity to solicit contract staffing job orders. And the best way to secure those job orders is to effectively communicate your contract staffing message.

Below are 10 places you could add that message:

  1. Your firm’s website
  2. Your email signature file
  3. Your firm’s phone book listing
  4. Your business card
  5. Your standard fee schedule
  6. Brochures
  7. Your client newsletter
  8. LinkedIn profiles—both yours and your firm’s pages
  9. Other social media profiles
  10. Your outgoing phone message

But don’t stop there. Get creative and come up with some other places to sneak in your contract staffing message!

If you’re a recruiter who is already promoting contract staffing services, leave a comment below telling us where YOU like to put your contract staffing message.

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