Contract Staffing’s Role in a “Free Agent Society”

When you think of the phrase “free agent,” you may think of professional sports. But the concept of free agency is gaining steam in professions far removed from the ball fields of popular sports.

When it comes to the typical American workplace, free agent refers to someone who performs work outside of the traditional employment relationship. Free agents can be entrepreneurs, W-2 contractors, independent contractors, and part-time workers. These are just a few examples.

More and more workers are classifying themselves as free agents. Not only that, but they’re also accounting for a higher percentage of today’s workforce.

Tracking the “free agent” trend

This trend is being driven by BOTH companies and workers for a number of reasons:

  1. Technology is eliminating many of the traditional, full-time jobs. This leaves positions that require a higher level of motivation, problem solving, and critical thinking. This is perfectly suited to a more entrepreneurial path.
  2. Workers need and want more work/life balance. The flexibility of being a free agent allows them more choice in their work location and schedule.
  3. After being burned by the layoffs of The Great Recession, many workers choose free agency because they feel it gives them more control over their careers.

Contract staffing is one of the many ways that workers can become free agents. But unlike starting a business or working as a 1099 independent contractor, becoming a contractor who is a W-2 employee of a third party offers more of a safety net.

A contractor working through a recruiting firm or staffing agency may enjoy many of the same perks as a traditional employee. However, they enjoy a lot more flexibility. They receive the protection of Workers’ Compensation and unemployment insurance. They get a regular paycheck, usually with the option of direct deposit. And many of them even have access to benefits such as healthcare, dental, vision, and life insurance and a 401(k).

Contracting: a popular option

This is a popular option for both workers and companies. In fact, according to recent statistics released by Intuit, 80% of large companies plan to substantially increase their use of contract/temporary workers.

That means your clients could very well be looking for contractors. And a number of your star candidates may be looking for contract work. Meeting these needs is easier than you might think. You can offer contract staffing and outsource the employment of the contractors to a recruitment back office.

The back office will become the legal employer of the contractors and handle all of the financial, administrative, and legal tasks associated with contract placements. Be sure that you work with one that provides all of the perks listed above, including a full menu of benefits.

Free agency appears to be a trend that is here to stay. Are YOU ready for contract staffing solutions or contract placement services?

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