We’re Inducting Our First-Ever Hall of Fame Class!

We at Top Echelon are thrilled to announce the induction of our first-ever Hall of Fame class, recognizing the most outstanding recruiters who are or have been members of Top Echelon’s recruiting network!

Top Echelon’s headquarters are located in Canton, Ohio. Canton, for those of you who may not know, is called the “Hall of Fame City.” One of the reasons it’s called this—and yes, the primary reason—is because the Pro Football Hall of Fame is located in Canton.

The unveiling of our inaugural Hall of Fame class will begin on social media on June 20, coinciding with the first official day of summer, and will continue throughout the season as part of our “Epic 95 Days of Summer” campaign.

The final announcements will be made on September 22, the last official day of summer, and just one day before the highly anticipated Top Echelon Connect Fall 2024 event in Canton, Ohio.

Celebrating Excellence in Recruiting

Top Echelon has always been dedicated to recognizing excellence within our Network. The Hall of Fame is our newest initiative to honor those recruiters who have demonstrated exceptional performance, dedication, and commitment to both the profession and to the Network.

These inductees have not only excelled in terms of placements and billings, but have also contributed significantly to the growth and success of Top Echelon Network.

Criteria for Induction

There are two criteria that weigh heavily into being considered for the Top Echelon Hall of Fame:

  1. Recruiters who have made at least 100 placements through Top Echelon Network.
  2. Recruiters who have billed at least $1 million through Top Echelon Network.

Recruiters can meet one or the other of these criteria and qualify for induction. For example, you could make 100 placements but not bill $1 million and vice-versa.

Can you still earn induction into the Hall of Fame without meeting one of these criteria? Yes, but that is up to the discretion of the voters and is subject to a number of extenuating circumstances. (Which, of course, we shall explain at a later date.)

‘Epic 95 Days of Summer’

Our “Epic 95 Days of Summer” campaign is designed, in part, to highlight the achievements of our Hall of Fame inductees, celebrate their contributions, and inspire our Network members. It’s also designed to highlight other major announcements related to our ATS.

With that in mind, starting on June 20, we will be announcing new inductees weekly, sharing their stories, accomplishments, and the impact they’ve made on the recruiting industry. Each inductee will be featured in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog and across our social media channels, ensuring they receive the recognition they deserve.

Key Dates to Remember

Okay, to recap (as much for me as it is for you), listed below are the important dates to remember regarding our “Epic 95 Days of Summer” AND our first-ever Hall of Fame inductions.

June 20: First day of summer and the beginning of the Hall of Fame announcements

June 20 through September 22: Continuation of the Hall of Fame announcements, plus other announcements regarding Top Echelon and the Top Echelon ATS

September 22: Last day of summer and the final announcement regarding the inaugural Top Echelon Hall of Fame class

September 23: Top Echelon Connect Fall 2024 event in Canton, Ohio

The culmination of our Hall of Fame announcements will lead us into the Top Echelon Connect Fall 2024 event, where we will gather to celebrate, network, and learn from some of the best minds within the Network and in the recruiting profession.

This event will also provide an opportunity to honor our inductees in person and share in their success stories. In fact, you can register for the event right now . . .

Register for Connect Fall 2024!

So be sure to follow Top Echelon on our social media channels for updates about our 2024 Hall of Fame inductees and also read The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog each week!

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