We Want Recruiters Exactly Like You, and We’ll Pay You for Them!

Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERSWe want to fill Top Echelon Network with as many quality, experienced, and split-minded recruiters as we possibly can.  Over the years, we’ve found that the best way to do that is through referrals from current Preferred Members.  In other words, YOU!

However, it’s not as though we won’t reward you for your efforts.  Quite the contrary.  We’ve had a referral program in place for quite some time, one designed to reward those Preferred Members who provide us with quality referrals.  The details of that referral program are outlined below:

When you refer a recruiter to Top Echelon Network who becomes a Preferred Member as a result of your referral, we’ll pay you $20/month for each month that recruiter/agency is active in the Network for up to 36 months.  That’s a total possible referral fee of $720 for each referral.

Okay, so there’s a limit on the length of time that we’ll pay you for a referral—36 months or three years.  However, there’s no limit on the number of referrals that you can give us. Give us five, 10, 15, 20, or more.  If they become Preferred Members, we’ll pay you for all of them.

So, I’d be more than happy to do the math for you.  If you sent us six to eight referrals, we would pay you between $120 and $160/month, which would go a long way toward paying your entire Top Echelon invoice, provided that you’re paying for more than just Membership.

Of course, any recruiting firms that you refer to us will have to go through our four-stage screening process, the same as any firm that applies for Top Echelon Network Membership.  Once your referral makes it through the screening process, has been approved, and starts their Membership, then we’ll pay you the referral fee.

The benefit to you, beyond the referral fee, is this: with more quality, split-minded recruiters in the Network, the greater the chances that you’ll make more split placements.  That’s our ultimate goal, to help Preferred Members of the Network make more splits.  Having the opportunity to work and network with other recruiters definitely increases the odds of success.

If you know a recruiting firm that you believe would be a good fit for Top Echelon Network Preferred Membership, I encourage you to refer that firm to us.  Have the firm owner fill out the online application form and/or give us a call.

When they fill out the application form, there will be a place for them to include the name of a referring recruiter.  Make sure that they type your name into that field, so if they eventually become a Preferred Member of the Network, you’ll receive the proper credit and the $20/month for up to 36 months.

Quality is one of The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network, and that’s just one of the many reasons we want to fill the Network with as many quality recruiters as possible . . . and that starts with your referrals.

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