We Have What You Need at the Fall Conference . . . REALLY!

You might think that you can’t attend the upcoming Top Echelon Fall Conference because you have so many things to do on your recruiting desk. You have placements to make, after all.

And I agree: you have placements to make. However, attending the Fall Conference can help you make them!

In fact, we have more of everything you need at the Fall Conference . . . REALLY!

Trying to build more business?

Then attend “6 Essentials for Engineering a Complete Lead-Gen Strategy” by Aaron Eastlack of The Haley Marketing Group. This session is scheduled for Wednesday, October 23, at the conference.

Trying to get noticed by more prospective clients?

Then attend “Positioning 101: Make Your Recruiting Agency Stand Out” by Eastlack. This session is scheduled for Tuesday, October 22.

You’re a great recruiter, but your marketing leaves something to be desired?

Then attend “Marketing Smart: Strategic and Measurable: by Eastlack. This session is also scheduled for Tuesday, October 22.

Are you in search of fresh ideas and new best practices?

Then our Business-Building Discussion Groups are just what you need! During this session at the conference, you can meet your Network peers to discuss experiences and ideas to make more placements and generate more revenue.

Are you looking for ways to deal with candidate issues like counteroffers, fall-offs, and “ghosting”?

Then attend “The NEW Unleashed Power of MEGA/Network Candidates” on October 22. During this session, Top Echelon Product Manager Todd Bossler will show attendees how to source more high-quality candidates using the new Network Candidates tool.

Or do you just need more recruiting help in general?

Then attend simply to meet partners with whom you can build a split relationship and share ideas. “Iron sharpens iron,” and not only that, but the conference is a great opportunity to recharge and relax before jumping back into the fray before the end of the year.

So we DO have it all at the Fall Conference. You just need to register and show up so you can get it all and then bring it home!

Click here for more information about the Fall Conference, including the full agenda and instructions for how to register.

I want to see YOU in Chicago!

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