Watch a FREE Barb Bruno LinkedIn Learning Course

There is no doubt that Barb Bruno of Good as Gold Training and Development is one of the top trainers and speakers in the recruiting and staffing industry. And we at Top Echelon are pleased to announce that you can now watch a LinkedIn Learning Course by Barb for FREE this week!

This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of top-notch training that you can implement on our recruiting desk and within your agency immediately. However, this offer is for a limited time and on a specific day.

Learning Course specifics

So you might be asking yourself, “Self, can I watch this free LinkedIn Learning Course by Barb Bruno?” Well, we have the answer, of course.

  • Follow Barb on LinkedIn, if you haven’t already done so. If you don’t follow Barb, you won’t be able to access the link that allows you sign up for the free Learning Course. Click here to follow Barb on LinkedIn.
  • Watch for the link that will allow you to register for the course in Barb’s feed.
  • The date of the webinar is this Friday, April 26. However, once Barb shares the registration link in her feed, it will only be live for 24 hours. So that means 24 hours after she shares the link, the Learning Course will no longer be free. (That’s why you have to follow her right now!)

Other free training by Barb

Barb Bruno has been the keynote speaker at a number of Top Echelon’s recruiter networking events down through the years. She’s also been part of Top Echelon’s Recruiter Coaching Series of free webinars. In fact, below are the recorded versions of those webinars that you can now watch for FREE:

And of course, Barb recorded an entire series of videos for our “Contract Staffing Fundamentals for the Staffing and Recruiting Professional” series. This is a multi-session, comprehensive series designed to provide the building blocks needed to make contract placements. Click here to watch “Contract Staffing Fundamentals.”

But before you do that, follow Barb so you can access the link to her free LinkedIn Learning Course. The webinar is on Friday, April 26, and the link will only be live for 24 hours!

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