Update to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

Please note that there will soon be a change to both the Privacy Policy and the Service Level Agreement associated with being a customer of Top Echelon Software and/or Top Echelon Network. This change will take effect on Wednesday, February 15.

We at Top Echelon have not updated our Service Level Agreement in more than 10 years, and during that time, we’ve created new products and services, eliminated products and services, and acquired other companies to strengthen the solutions and value that we offer. Consequently, we’re making these updates to keep our agreements and policies current and user-friendly.

With that in mind, the Privacy Policy was updated to keep it compliant with ever-evolving industry regulations designed to afford our customers with a greater degree of data protection. Click HERE to view the new Top Echelon Privacy Policy.

In addition to changing the name to Terms and Conditions to reflect changes in industry terminology, there are four main updates to Top Echelon’s Service Level Agreement:

  1. The annual payment option was updated to reflect industry standards and remove cancellations and refunds prior to the end of the commitment period of the annual subscription.
  2. The renewal of the annual payment option now automatically renews.
  3. References to old services no longer offered were removed. This refers mainly the Top Echelon’s website development services.
  4. Language for the Top Echelon Network Preferred Membership was added to the Terms and Conditions instead of having a separate addendum.

Click HERE to see the new Terms and Conditions for Top Echelon Software and Top Echelon Network.

Once again, on February 15, you will be prompted to click through the agreement upon logging into the software in order to access your Top Echelon account.

As always, we thank you for your patience and especially for your loyalty as a Top Echelon customer.

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