Are YOU ‘Undecided’ About Attending the Convention?


We recently posed a question to the Top Echelon Network Membership in the form of a survey in the Members’ Area.

That question was as follows:

Do you plan to attend the 2014 National Convention?


The choice of answers that were offered is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiters that selected each answer:

  • Yes, I’ve already registered. — 6.9%
  • Yes, but I haven’t registered yet. — 13.8%
  • I’m currently undecided. — 28.7%
  • No, I’m not attending. — 40.2%
  • No, but I’m attending the Fall Conference — 10.3%


While nearly 7% of those recruiters who participated in the poll have already registered for the National Convention, exactly twice as many (13.8%) are plan to attend, but “haven’t registered yet.”  Meanwhile, over 40% of Preferred Member recruiters know for sure that they’re “not attending.”

However, nearly a third of poll participants (28.7%) indicated that they’re “currently undecided” about attending the convention.  Last but not least, 10.3% of Preferred Members won’t be attending, but they do plan to attend the 2014 Fall Conference.

The 2014 Top Echelon Network National Convention is scheduled for Thursday, April 10, through Saturday, April 12, at the Renaissance SouthPark in Charlotte, North Carolina.  You can sign up for the convention in the Members’ Area at the low Early Bird Registration price of $495 per person.

Register now before the Early Bird period ends on Friday, February 28!


Are YOU “undecided” about attending the National Convention?  If so, why?  What are your hesitations and what would convince you to join us in Charlotte?

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