Top Echelon’s All-Time Active Placement Leaders

Okay, so maybe we prioritize cash-in over placements. But don’t judge. After all, you probably do, too.

Enough throwing stones! Let’s get down to business, namely publishing the list of Top Echelon’s All-Time Active Placement Leaders.

And as you peruse the list below, you might notice a couple of things. First, some of the same names that are on this list are also on the list of Top Echelon’s All-Time Active Cash-In Leaders list. The reason for that should be rather self-explanatory.

Second, there are more ties on this list than there were on the other. In fact, there weren’t any ties on the other list.

Everybody on the list below has made at least 103 placements during their time as a Top Echelon Network member. We’re talking about a staggering amount of success, and we are certainly glad that we were able to play a part in that success.

So put your hands together once more for everybody on the list below. May there be many more placements in all of our futures!

— — —

#20 (tied)—Deb North of Deb North in Topeka, Kansas (103 placements)

#20 (tied)—Gary Schultz of Work 22, Inc. in Gary, Florida (103 placements)

#20 (tied)—Veronica Snyder of Career Professionals, Inc. in Morristown, Tennessee (103 placements)

#19—Bob Millman AutoPro Technical Recuriting in Oak Park, Michigan (107 placements)

#18 (tied)—Larry Radzely of Adel-Lawrence Associates in Manalapan, New Jersey (108 placements)

#18 (tied)—Larry Gallin of Gallin Associates in New Port Richey, Florida (108 placements)

#18 (tied)—Brad Dodge of iLocatum Recruiting in San Diego, California (108 placements)

#17—Michael Agen New Solutions Group, LLC in Camillus, New York (115 placements)

#16—Angela Marasco of A. Marasco Recruiting, LLC in Bellbrook, Ohio (116 placements)

#15 (tied)—Mark Udulutch, CPC of Markent Personnel in Portage, Wisconsin (117 placements)

#15 (tied)—Kristy Staggs of Byrnes & Rupkey, Inc. in Waterloo, Iowa (117 placements)

#14—Brenda Wylie Biggs, CPC of KB Search Team, LLC in Fort Wayne, Indiana (125 placements)

#13 (tied)—David Wood, CPC of The David Wood Company in Vancouver, Washington (127 placements)

#13 (tied)—Nick Stoia, CPC of ASAP Search in Irmo, South Carolina (127 placements)

#12—Steve Schroder of Stratus Staffing in San Juan Capistrano, California (128 placements)

#11—Steve Brody of Executive Resource Systems in Orange, California (130 placements)

#10—Lawrence T. Ploscowe of EXEK Recruiters, Ltd. in Rochester, New York (137 placements)

#9—Keith Cornelison of Personnel Resources in Tipp City, Ohio (144 placements)

#8—David M. Sgro, CPC of True North Consultants, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio (145 placements)

#7—Pat McCombs, CPC of KB Search Team, LLC in Fort Wayne, Indiana (149 placements)

#6—Al Katz, CPC of First Search in Elgin, Illinois (185 placements)

#5—Jim Strickland of BioSource Recruiters in Wilmington, North Carolina (237 placements)

#4—Maria Hemminger of MJ Recruiters, LLC in Tiffin, Ohio (256 placements)

#3—Michael Stuck of Gables Search Group in Willoughby, Ohio (513 placements)

#2—Steve Kohn of Affinity Executive Search, Inc. in Hollywood, Florida (522 placements)

#1—Trey Cameron of Cameron Craig Group in Cornelius, North Carolina (1,289 placements)

— — —

Remember, you can keep track of the Top Producers on a 12-month rolling basis in the Main Dashboard of the Members’ Area.

The top 10 recruiters can be seen on the left-hand side of the Members’ Area. You can also access the entire list by clicking the “See All Top Producers” link at the bottom of the list.

And now you can also reorder the list by the past month, the past year, or all time (which, incidentally, is how we created the list above). You can reorder the list by clicking the drop-down box in the upper right-hand side of the screen.

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