Happy Birthday to Us: Top Echelon is 36 Years Old!

Time certainly flies when you’re having fun!

And we’ve certainly had plenty of fun these past . . . how many years has it been now? I might need a calculator for this . . . and . . . it’s been 36 years!

On March 8, 1988, Top Echelon co-founder Mike Kappel sent out the first issue of The Pinnacle newsletter, and he did so via Pony Express. (Kidding . . . I’m just kidding!) No, Mike sent the first Pinnacle newsletter via the United States Postal Service, which is pretty much the same thing these days. (Once again, I’m kidding!)

Of course, that’s because there was no Internet 36 years ago. Imagine that with me for just a second. You can’t, can you?

Anyway, a few years ago, we re-published the very first article in The Pinnacle newsletter. You can read it by clicking HERE.

A few years ago, we also published a Pinnacle article titled, “27 Little-Known Facts About Top Echelon on Its 27th Anniversary.”

You can view all 27 little-known facts by clicking HERE.

Last year, we also paid homage to the very last Charter Member of Top Echelon Network, Steve Brody of Executive Resources Systems. You can read that article by clicking HERE.

We also asked long-time member and Al Katz of First Search about the secret to success in Top Echelon Network. And of course, he shared said secret. You can read that article by clicking HERE.

And of course, we have some facts about the year 1988, courtesy of the website mybirthdayfacts.com. In 1988, the:

  • Number-one pop song was “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.
  • Number-one movie was Good Morning, Vietnam.
  • Median new home price was $108,900.
  • Price of a new car was $13,761.
  • Price of a gallon of gas was 96 cents.
  • Price of a loaf of bread was 59 cents.

We also want to recognize and thank everybody who has been a Network member over the years, including current Top Echelon recruiters. You have been the driving force behind our success for the past 36 years, and we’re very glad that you are with us, that you trust us, and that we will forge a new path into the future together. (For 36 more years? Well, sure . . . why not?)

Congratulations to everybody who is a member of our recruiting network right now, and yes, that means YOU. Without you, there would be no Top Echelon, no Network, and no 36th birthday.

Now . . . let us eat cake!

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